Sometimes I get lonely and then I talk to an old friend I haven't heard from in awhile and they tell me about how covid is over, or how China is evil, or about their job making shit for the military, and I think yeah I was actually fine not talking to anyone.

Mass media propaganda keeps the people divided and yelling at each other, while billionaires build bunkers with robot servants.

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Climate change is the existential crisis we should be laser focused on.
But instead we're being eaten alive by a weaponized virus while US wages a proxy war on Russia and attempts to do the same in China. With the covid brain damaged /propagandized masses chanting 'back to normal'. At this rate we won't have the opportunity to die from climate change.

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The website below is pure feverish fan fiction, but I cant shake the feeling that it's an entirely plausible explanation for current world events. Covid policy of mass infection/death followed by desperately trying to provoke Russia and/or China into a nuclear war. Now sending kids to school to catch monkeypox, polio, and others. As climate chaos widens around the globe, with El Niño 2023 headed at us like an asteroid made of crop failures, starvation, and collapse.

"The way I convinced my management was pointing out in 2024 or 2025 the captains of industry in Europe who are making electric vehicles and their batteries, will turn to the geological surveys of Europe and say why did you not tell us about this very obvious problem?"

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"The purpose of this work is to show the shortcomings of the existing paradigm. What will happen is we've got to make a better plan: once we understand our true boundary conditions, what will we really do."

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"The idea of growth economics is about to be phased out whether we like it or not.
The economic model behind materialism, consumerism, and the social constructs associated with that, will have to go. We've got no choice there."

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Holy hell. This lecture on materials needed to replace fossil fuels with renewables is incredible. Edge of my seat, laughing, crying... a solid hour of data bodyslams. Worth your time to watch the full lecture.

But, I don't live in Ukraine, why the fuck would a war there have anything to do with food prices where I live? Bcs capitalism has financialized food into just another global commodity for speculators.
Difference is, after a crash we can't just print more food.

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George Monbiot:
"the global food system is beginning to look very much like the global financial system in the run-up to 2008... 4 companies control 90% of the global grain trade"

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This is how we starve. Try following the logistics chain on any normal foods sold in US. It's all like this.

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10 yrs from now, a 3 sigma heatwave will mean half a billion dead. Each occurrence. And heat won't be the primary killer.
1) starvation from crop failures
2) dehydration from water shortages
3) violence
4) heat stroke

These 2 panels are the most important info for anyone/everyone to understand. El Niño is predicted for next year, artic summer ice likely will hit zero (BOE) in 2023 or 24.
We have maybe 2-3yrs before climate famine reaches US (it'll be called "food inflation", only poor will starve at first) maybe 12 yrs before complete collapse of western civilizatiin, and prob 60-80yrs to total human extinction along with 95% of other life on earth.

I am so exhausted with "I posted that asshole comment ironically/sarcastically so actually you're the asshole for yelling at me about it!"

Satire/parody *must* identify itself in real time. Otherwise you're just being an asshole.

A simple surgical mask modification to pass N95 respirator-equivalent fit testing standards.

Very cool. Will grab a box of 8" rubber bands. Still have a ton of baggy blues left over from early days that I never use anymore. Nice to be able to upgrade those to a useful status.

I support canceling all student loan debt.

I went to college, took loans, dropped out, joined the military, paid loans off, left military.

Went back to school (with gi bill), took out $30k in loans, got a job, paid it all off.

I don't want anyone else to have to go thru that.

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