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Can Ukrainian refugees choose which EU country they get temporary protection in?
Analysis by Dr. Esin Küçük -

The CJEU has confirmed that British citizens have lost their EU citizenship due to Brexit. My analysis of the judgment:

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My 18 yr old has spent the last 2yrs seeking a joinery apprenticeship in the Glasgow area. He is an absolute grafter and now has loads of casual labouring/roofing experience and a qualification in Joinery/Construction. He just needs an employer to give him a chance. Plse share x


A summary of John Cotter's new book on the relationship between the EU court and national courts:

Horrific outcome of FoI request to ⁦@[email protected]⁩ re #ResearchFishGate including “UKRI also shares what appears to be a long list of awards one reported academic holds, and it considers what “disciplinary options” it might have against the academic.”

Can Ukrainian refugees choose which EU country they get temporary protection in?
Analysis by Dr. Esin Küçük -

Part 2 of my analysis of the proposed new law on long-term resident non-EU citizens in the EU - on their rights to move to other Member States:

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My analysis of the proposed revision of EU law on the rights of long-term resident non-EU citizens (part 1):

How can law repower Europe?

Ending fossil fuels and the Sustainability Directive - by Ewan McGaughey:

An EU Commission draft law could require digital companies to detect, remove and report illegal images of abuse to the authorities.The rulebook comes as child-protection hotlines report record amount of disturbing content shared online during the pandemic.

Just read an article about online identify theft so did a reverse image search on my picture and WHAT THE FUCK GOOGLE

Analysis of the first judgment on the rights and equality guarantees in the Northern Ireland protocol, by Colin Murray:

The legal challenge to the Northern Ireland protocol
Analysis of a recent judgment, by Anurag Deb:

What are the limits to EU foreign policy powers, as compared to other EU powers?

Analysis of a CJEU judgment on EU/Armenia relations, by Narine Ghazaryan:

Please enjoy this awesome video of the HR 8799 system made by Jason Wang, for anyone who hadn't seen it yet.


The star itself was blocked by the telescope so we can see the planets, though some of the light still scatters around the edges. All four known planets are visible. The orbital motion is interpolated from a series of images taken by the Keck Telescope in Hawaii.

As for the planets themselves...

On the new EU proposal to combat abusive litigation against journalists and human rights defenders, by Prof Borg-Barthet:

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