(yes, I was on gmail, don't @ me) Well, it seems that google knows how much bad Muse group is doing to MuseScore and Audacity

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is what happens when you run proprietary malware that forces you to update: your computer might get bricked

HTML is for websites, not for emails. When sending an email, please useplaintext.email/

I'm now using GNU Emacs to send email. Should I configure it to receive mail too, or just stick to thunderbird?

Cookie tracking and all that shit should be disabled by default, you shouldn't have to click "reject" twelve times in order to (theoretically) not be tracked.

But you still can't fully prevent it, as many websites load tracking scripts before even asking.

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I'm going to build an extension so that every time a website requires me to reject cookies without a "Reject All" button, an email is sent to them for any cookie type I have to reject. That's around 10-11 emails per website 😑

Thank you, uBlock, for helping me resist the temptation

ANUNCIO: Voy a desactivar mi cuenta de Twitter próximamente. Si quieres seguir en contacto conmigo, puedes contactarme a través de una de las formas indicadas en mi página web: costas.dev/contact/

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PSA: I'm deactivating my Twitter account soon. If you want to stay in touch, you can contact me through one of the ways indicated on my website: costas.dev/contact/

Hi fediverse! This isn't as large as Twitter, and finding nice people to follow is harder. Which cool tech-related accounts are you following? 👇

I just helped a friend to install Mint GNU/Linux on his Desktop computer. He's loving it so far!

I'll try to make him run Losedows games through Proton

Dear web developers, please STOP using icon fonts like FontAwesome or Google's font pack. Instead, use SVGs, as they work in all browsers, don't require extra HTTP requests to third-party and allows people to block external fonts to protect their privacy

The same goes to people who ask Adobe, insteead of helping projects like GIMP, Inkscape, Darktable or KDEnlive.

Stop trying to bring proprietary malware to the Free/Libre world, instead let's replace them with Free-as-in-freedom alternatives, even for Losedows and iThings users

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#Mozilla #CommonVoice wishes to gain 500000 new contributions by July 20th. Sounds huge to me, but maybe it can happen!
Common Voice is a really cool project attempting to collect recordings from people of all ages, genders, dialects, etc. so that future speech recognition can become more reliable, and so that we do not need to depend on things like Google's captioning service. If you care about #accessibility, #privacy or just like reading out or listening to random sentences, please optionally make an account (to help make the data more easily searchable) and contribute.
This absolutely does not go just for English speakers, BTW. English is doing just fine. If you speak any other languages, please help add, record and sort sentences in it, instead. For example, the Slovenian database is growing, slowly but surely!
Edit: Fixing typos. Sorry!

My bank wants me to call them because my account tried to do "unusual activity".

What's the unusual activity? Trying to join the @fsf

Instead of trying to get MS Office on GNU/Linux, we should concentrate our efforts on improving projects like @libreoffice and @ONLYOFFICE to make them the standard for everyone, and make the change smoother for M$ users to switch

Me when trying to upload bloated JavaScript frameworks to production

Does anyone know if there's any proxy website for GitHub similar to Invidious (youtube) or Nitter (twitter)?

WYSIWYG text processors are bloat, just use Markdown/Org/ReStructuredText and Hunspell for text processing. Edit on emacs, build with pandoc and share!

I decided to go full radical today, so fed up with bloated websites

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