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I'm going to jump on this hashtag train now, myself.

Hi. I'm ArtilectZed. I've been on Mastodon for a few years now, and my original toe-dip account was in Oct. 2018 (but since deleted). continues to be my main fedi-instance.

I have a few different aspects of myself on other instances, though. Like if you want to see my photos, those are at my PixelFed @[email protected]

I don't particularly care about my own pronouns, but I will happily accept and use yours!

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selfie/ec beard 

Time to grow a new beard. The old one was getting annoying.

But I chose this particular wormhole especially for the occasion. You see, at the end of this wormhole lies... a room... with a moose!



Pilot Parallel and copic multiliner on Daler Rowney calligraphy paper, cut to A5 size.

For sale, $50 USD including worldwide postage, yell (or whisper quietly) in my replies if you want it :)

#MastoArt #Calligraphy

Suffer from cleithrophobia? Well this video probably isn't for you. Unless you're into sadism. 🤷‍♂️

Man in Cave (Internet Historian)

Get $100 off on Librem 14 and $60 off on Librem Mini, till the current inventory runs out. We can ship these in-stock products, within 10 business days for standard orders. All you have to do is enter, PRIVACYFIRST when you check out.

Bye, Stadia. No one really wanted you, and you didn't really fill any particular need. 🎻

At least all hardware and software purchases are being refunded.

Not even had a chance to see things in day light yet, and I'm seeing people seething about *the possibility* that there is crazy looting happening in Florida.

Too much of this country just automatically assumes the worst, and eager to start doling out "justice" ><

Within a day of cleaning up the porch, and replacing the long dead bulb out back, this orb waver moved in. I have gladly let it be. I think it's enjoying the bugs that the light brings it. I thank it every day for helping deal with the bugs.

Big chunk missing in the last few days, and I just noticed the hairline crack on the other side.

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Oh FUN. Yet another pair of headphones starting to break apart. Why must I prefer headphones with plastic that seems to love to break apart.

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