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Please, if you haven't already, and you can, *get your shots*.

CDC now calls coronavirus Delta variant a 'variant of concern'

drama is just getting more lol. Netsplit itself between different daemons, did not migrate nick or channel registrations. Just BLAM.

"In short, it seems there was no effort whatsoever to migrate the services database when migrating from Atheme to Anope. Not only that, this transition happened suddenly with, as far as I am aware, zero warning. Freenode has simply dropped all nickname and channel registrations without warning."

Supporting Let’s Encrypt, the nonprofit making HTTPS free for all

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I have slept so incredibly horribly the last few nights. This morning I woke up after 9 hours of sleep, had some oatmeal, and then fell back asleep on the couch for another few hours. I'm still yawning and fighting to stay awake. Oh hi Mark.

Air conditioning was invented in 1902 and here we are almost 120 years later and we STILL don't have air shampoo, it's utterly ridiculous

Every outlet in a house that isn’t for a specialized high-current purpose should be something like USB-C and also act as a network node. Then have a single well designed AC-DC power supply (or DC-DC for solar/batteries) for running it all

Veloren is a new FOSS Multiplayer RPG inspired by Minecraft that has just been released for all platforms: #linux #veloren #rpg #minecraft #multiplayer

**The Teen Girl Who Filmed George Floyd's Murder Just Won a Pulitzer**

""My video didn't save George Floyd, but it put his murderer away and off the streets.""

#news #bot

All of a sudden, I'm seeing multiple YouTube channels, giving weird names to their videos, spending 10-15 minutes to retell the entire story of a movie. Using a synthesized voice.

I'm guessing odd AI testing. For no particular reason.

This one started uploading 2 months ago.

Those low-priced TVs are a vehicle for #advertising and they can track what you're watching.

#Vizio makes nearly as much money from #ads and data as it does from #TVs


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