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Is it annoying that I never stick to an avatar for more than a few weeks?

Trump is a completely unhinged.

The America he envisions only existed on a back lot. The irony is that the actresses in "Leave it to "Beaver" or "The Donna Reed Show" or whatever is in his head were working women. 

Trump has always lived in a bubble; he has no idea how the real world operates. He can't get anyone back to work, which is why we're kicking him out in 6 days.

​​How the Trump economy compares to economies under other presidents:

But Danny was hot, he drew first and shot, and Rocky collapsed in the corneeeeer.

Testing my new hat with The Beatles.


Watch some Republican turn around and try to stop a mask mandate within the next 15 minutes or so.

Judge says Texas mask mandate must extend to polling places -

Today's boredom level:

Make two snippets for VS Code today:

First one will be a form to tab through that will make a snippet for VS Code/AZ Data Studio (that isn't their big ugly commented default form)

Second one will be for making SSMS snippets, because dealing with XML vs the snippets for VS Code is now annoying and headache inducing for me.

Important info for Wisconsin - "Wisconsin Democrats Urge Voters to β€˜Hand-Deliver’ Ballots After Supreme Court Ruling"

Wish I could say I find it unbelievable that the Trump campaign left his supporters LITERALLY OUT IN THE COLD, AND PARAMEDICS HAD TO GO SAVE THEM AND TREAT PEOPLE FOR HYPOTHERMIA but hey, 2020.

It's 6 days until Election Day. We all need to get out and vote and get out the vote as if Trump were ahead in the polls. This needs to be nothing less than a landslide victory for Biden/Harris and all Democrats.

Step 1 is to create a blue tsunami and solidify the House majority, flip the Senate, and elect Biden/Harris. #GOTV #Vote #VoteBlue2020 :voteblue: THREAD 1/7

Opinion | With a resounding victory, Democrats can protect us from the next Trump:

Democrats are going to need EVERY SINGLE VOTE to win this election.

Help text out the vote in the final days. Open Progress needs more texters.

They'll be texting to flip the Michigan State House and sending texts to get out the Democratic vote in NH, ME, PA, OH, KY, FL, MI, GA, NC, KS, TX, IA, NE, MN, WI, MT, CO, AZ, NV, and Alaska.

These are GOTV texts and texts to supporters, so very very few trolls and very high payoff. Sign up and #GOTV


@TonyStark We've all got to show we care about women and marginalized communities and everyone who's going to suffer under this unprecedented imbalance of power in the SCOTUS. We've got to vote for Democrats at every level, because no Republican cares about any of us. We've got to help people vote, whether it means giving them a ride, showing up to be a poll defender, or just asking what they need and doing our best. We have to care about what happens to each other.

@Thunderbirds511 @TonyStark @stux Weird junk happens online. It's people dehumanizing other people. You can't reason with them.

Community Rallies Behind youtube-dl After DMCA Takedown

At this point, you’ve likely heard that the GitHub repository for youtube-dl was recently removed in response to a DMCA takedown notice filed by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)…

Original tweet :

You know what's funny? Kavanaugh was one of the lawyers on the team in Florida in 2000 who argued the opposite, that ballots received as many as 10 days after the election should be counted, because it would help George W. Bush be declared the winner.

So not only does he know that the idea that there's some law that states count ballots only on Election Day is completely nuts, he knows that we all know.

Brett Kavanaugh and the unthinkable chaos of the midnight ballot:

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