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I keep thinking I should move to New Zealand. Stories like this push me further towards that goal.

I'm not sure what I'm missing when I'm trying to use a lot of Mastodon's . Some of them work fine, others don't seem to work at all.


In some ways, I envy them.

1 in 3 people around the world have never used the Internet, a U.N. report estimates

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Enterprise: Let's leave the Star Trek name off of it, don't want to over saturate the brand.

Paramount+: Star Trek: Discovery! Star Trek: Prodigy! Star Trek: Lower Decks! Star Trek: Brave New Worlds! Star Trek: Picard!

[saturation intensifies]

open source that I could find to do it. None of the software I was finding online was working, until the last one (PanFone Toolkit, wtf) suggested I change the USB mode on the old Samsung phone to MIDI controller.

$26 and an hour or so later, everything finally finished transferring over.

I hate Samsung's bastardization of Android even more that iOS, right now. They did such a poor job of trying to make it look like iOS on that generation of devices (Galaxy s10).

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Okay, now I'm back home.

This little old lady I do computer work for from time to time bought an iPhone 13 from a local Verizon store. The girl she bought it from told her they could transfer over all of her SMS, photos, etc.

Accept she didn't feel like doing it, and just went home.

Fun fact: You have to transfer all of that stuff from Android while in the initial device set up.

After that, you have to find some dodgy POS software to do it. It's a niche AF market, so there isn't anything...

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