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I know a lot of people have issues with Biden, for a number of reasons, but hey, he's already showing signs he actually wants to do the job.

Biden to deploy FEMA, National Guard to set up Covid vaccine clinics across the U.S.

Okay. We should be good now. I've released v0.11.1 which is a hotfix that fixes the issue with search not working. Sorry to make everyone update again! We had a problem with one of our modules that I didn't catch in time.


Trump administration lies about everything. Everything!

5 more days.
Governors say no additional vaccine doses coming, despite Trump admin promise:
Governors are accusing the Trump administration of lying about the availability of additional coronavirus vaccines, following an announcement from top officials that doses will no longer be held in reserve.

Reading that the Zypherus G15 gaming laptop has one of the two SO-DIMM's soldered on. *WHY*?!

*Deletes from want list*

**Parler GPS Data Shows Users Posting from Military Bases**

"The analysis comes as Congress wants to know how much white supremacy has penetrated the military."

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Just because I'm curious (boosts welcomed).

When you cross your fingers, do you:

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