The Orb just released a new album, "Abolition of the Royal Familia". If you go looking for it on Amazon or Google, it's $11.49 and has 12 tracks. If you look for "Abolition of the Royal Familia (Deluxe)", you can find the album plus another 12 tracks of dub mixes of the album for $11.49. Same price. If you use the address that goes to all of the different stores where you can buy it, it's not linking to the "deluxe" version. Wish this shit would stop.

Probably a good thing our names are limited to one line on here. I would totally use these if I could.

We have set up a rss-to-mastodon bridge for you to use

Please test it, and let me know how it works!

All of a sudden I feel burned out. Like I want to go live under a bridge, grow a gnarled long beard that has things living in it, and tell the world to fuck off.

I need some more music podcasts to add to my Subsonic server. I'm listening to these all day, every day.

A wiggly little leatherjacket.

Marked as sensitive because creepy crawlies.


It's so nice to not be blocked from the timelines on Mastodon again.

I just installed a bidet seat. How has America gone so long without this pleasure?

I love getting all my work voicemails in my email, while my work phone sits lonely in my office. So easy to ignore all of the vendors.

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