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Live stream of Inspiration4 launch. First time a black woman will be piloting a space craft, and the first time a cancer survivor (who also has a prosthetic leg bone, another first) will be in space.

Inspiration4 is aiming for an orbital altitude of 575 km above Earth, higher than the ISS or Hubble Space Telescope. At that height, the Crew Dragon will circle the globe once every 90 minutes at a speed of some 27,360 km/h, or roughly 22 times the speed of sound.

This old cartoon song is what comes to mind when I hear about *45 telling Pence "we can't be friends anymore" 🤣

**FCC Wants Landlords to Stop Screwing Up Your Internet**

"U.S. landlords often strike cozy arrangements with big ISPs blocking broadband competition. The FCC says it’s taking a fresh look at an old problem."

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Jadzia: I have the ability to speak to bumblebees. It's called Bumblebeepathy.
Jadzia: Unfortunately it doesn't allow them to respond or understand what I'm saying.


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Oh, you're a sane person and use randomly generated passwords? Well, fuck you! We don't allow you to paste into the password field, sucker!


Is it a good sign when the doctor looks at your foot and becomes visibly confused through their mask?

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