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Police in Flint Put Down Weapons and Join Protesters Over George Floyd Killing | News Break

It was a remarkable sight ... a cop puts down his baton and helmet and joins protesters in solidarity. It went down Saturday in Michigan's Flint Township, where Genesee County Sheriff Chris Swanson engaged protesters in the wake of George Floyd's brutal killing at the hands of rogue cops.

Police in Flint Put Down Weapons and Join Protesters Over George Floyd Killing

I published #UntrackMe 1.11.0

You can follow this bot that toots about new releases: @UntrackMe

You will get direct download links to apks built from sources (lite and full versions).

After selling extras in , I find out that extra amulets can be saved and crafted into higher tier amulets. And those higher tiers can also be saved and crafted into a third tier.


ใ€€ ยท , ยท , ยฐ ยฐ ยท . ยท

#UntrackMe 1.11.0 will allow to customize #Invidious URLs so that you can change some settings (theme, thin mode, language, volume, etc.).

You can also force to remove parameters. If you set a custom setting, it will be added if it was not in the URL, otherwise its value will be changed.

There are a lot of new strings to translate ๐Ÿ™ƒ: (thanks)

More about invidious URL parameters:

It seems abundantly clear that nobody wants to cover the actual news about GNU/Linux or Linux kernel and instead itโ€™s all about which PC Linus Torvalds is using (gossip/tabloid); ZDNetโ€˜s latest two articles are an example of this.

I need help moving out of my abusive parents' house. they're fed up of dealing with their traumatized daughter and have started progressively piling on increased demands that make me shut down harder. I'm afraid they're building up their excuse to kick me out and claim it's my fault for 'not cooperating'.

I have a plan: I'm applying for jobs in the city where my college friends live, and they can let me crash on their couch while I look for apartments. I think my boyfriend can drive me up, and we're looking at moving in together although possibly not at the same time. But the money I have right now might only cover my deposit on a new place.

I know that right now is a terrible time to be asking for money. There's bail funds to be supporting. But if you can spare help for me, I'd be so, so grateful.

Venmo: @ MadisonSeaver
CashApp: $byttyrs

Boosts welcome. ๐Ÿ’›

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