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Hey, everyone! Midwestern Neurodivergent Xennial here. Refer to me as She/Her.

I like art, hikes, taking pictures of stuff, Animal Crossing and lots of other things. Anything else will be revealed in due course.

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Me: I have A Task to do.

ADHD: Is it something we're interested in?

Me: No. It's actually pretty boring.

ADHD: Okay--we can either do it in one fell swoop or not at all. Your choice.

Me: That...doesn't seem like much of a choice.

ADHD: That sounds like a you problem.

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Free US Covid Tests - Free at-home COVID-19 tests

Well, alright then.

Wordle 332 3/6


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Good morning. Have some Byron Kim to start your day.

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The cat likes to hide under blankets sometimes.

As someone who also doesn't want to be perceived from to time, I can relate.

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Marceline would like to return this Monday to sender.

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On the one hand, I'm glad I solved it. On the other, it'd have been cooler if the result was more symmetrical.

Wordle 331 3/6


Good morning. Have some Julia Kwon to start your day.

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Ritade denna för några veckor sedan - funderar på att utgå från den och göra något tredimensionellt i lera. Kanske använda en tavelram och bygga upp det.

There is something very rude about it being cloudy when there's supposed to be a lunar eclipse going on.

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Be the glitch you want to see in the matrix.

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today i am learning about how a bunch of show robots got built in the 30s and apparently nearly all of them could either smoke cigarettes or shoot guns

That's my morning dose of serotonin sorted.

Wordle 330 3/6


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Just wanted to show off my last Dragon Star. It's green and silver. First time I tried silver, but I am not really pleased with the silver shine, but I do enjoy the colour combination.
What do you think?

#MastoArt #dragonsart #linocut #printmaking

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