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I just minted only 25 copies of my latest artwork - "Anything is Possible".
Get em while they are available.

Hi-res IPFS download with every purchase.

What are some cool discord channels?

Good developer stream. Great guy. Check him out.


Just went live! Come check out what is going on over on Twitch.


Anyone have experience w/ multi-sig wallets? Recommendations? I was looking at Casa.

The only coins I trust /#Litecoin. The end.

What the heck does Solana? I just buy Bitcoin, but have noticed that Solana keeps coming onto my radar here. You know there are TOO many crypto currencies to keep up with. It’s starting to make my head spin.

Who schedules a meeting at 12:30pm? That is just cruel.


β€œTech’s motto is β€˜Strive for Honor,’ and she was always striving and pushing for others to do their best.” San Juanita Valenciano's daughter, Samantha MontaΓ±o said.


I think I am over-doing it w/ the switch statements in this code. 3-4 nested switch statements because Rider thinks it's more readable. I don't disagree. Looks better than so many IF statements.

Apparently Facebook did not like I was promoting decentralized social media networks. I was giving a warning that because I was talking about decentralization it went against their community standards. F*ck Facebook.

And this post was done so long ago!

Gas is so expensive on the $ETH blockchain. I wonder if $NEO will be any better w/ N3 released already.

I think it is time to set up a Lightning node. How do I start?

Would be amazing if I can retire next year, fingers crossed.

It blows me away that no one watches NASA's space feed on Twitch.

It's pretty darn awesome to see space while you work.

The Earth is beautiful!


This is how easy it is to buy Starbucks coffee with in El Salvador



Mom Graduated from ⁦⁩ Fall of 2019. She was an untraditional student but she Strived for honor every day!⁩ Rest easy San Juanita DeLeon Valenciano β™₯️ if you would like to donate in her memory please use this link Https://



Buying the dip πŸ˜‰

150 new coins added.




Gemini is down
Kraken is down
Coinbase is down

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