Is it too late to be staked in ETH2? Could I still be a validator if I forked over the 32 ETH? In your opinion, would being staked be good for the long term (5-10 years)? I need to do more research. I'm feeling FOMO on ETH2.

All these pre-holiday meetings are killing me! So many meetings!

Anyone know of fellow Mastodoners that post about science and space? I need my fix on daily astronomy.

I should have not done this chocolatey update. Everything is updating. So far, 30 minutes has expired. Maybe that is why I haves ADD today.

Not feeling motivated at all to work today. Youtube/Twitch has my attention at the moment.

I should have workout tonight, but I am so tired. Maybe tomorrow.

empted on investing on NEO. It seems like it is growing/active. It peaked at 180 in 2017. Now it's at $1613. It generates passive GAS. GAS is currently $1.31. Oh what to do?

Just buy more Litecoin? IDK.

Anyone playing Gwent? What do you think of the next expansion?

Might have to take a CBD smoke break. Anxiety is building up today.

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Texas fast food chain Whataburger has released its holiday sweater with matching socks, beanie, and scarf 🍔


Thinking of leaving OneNote. Think I am bored w/ it. What should I consider using for note taking for programmers?

Hmm... Typora seems like an interesting markdown editor. Any programmers use this?

All my racists 'friends' went to Parler. See you later!

It seems a lot of people are jumping ship from Facebook and Twitter to Parler??? Yeah, no thanks. Any ship jumping will be here to Mastodon.

This random cat, jumped in my car yesterday. I saw him again this morning while taking my dog out. I wonder if he needs a home. Never been a cat person, doesn't mean I cannot be a cat dad. Hmm...

Had a semi-successful Twitch stream, then my game crashed. Had to restart the PC. *sigh* I'll try again tomorrow night.

I'm back to weighing 220lbs. Thank you Xenu!

Debating between learning Python or playing Chess...hmm...

Working w/ people who are smarter than you can really hurt your confidence at times. Ah....riding on the coattails of others gets tiring.

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