Thiên Nhiên không cần con người nhưng con người cần Thiên Nhiên.

I learned about the naked man orchid recently. I'd say it lives up to its name

I'm sitting here in the boring room. It's just another rainy Sunday afternoon. I'm wasting my time. I got nothing to do. I'm hanging around. I'm waiting for you. But nothing ever happens and I wonder...

Cà phê Trung Nguyên trong 1 bản mod lấy bối cảnh năm 1968

I used Mozilla Firefox for years.

I'm still remembering the first version which I used was 3.0 - So smoother, faster, better than IE6 and Opera. And yes, the legend tagline “Take back the web”, too! Without Firefox, I didn't get a step into Web 2.0 and Open Web Standards.

At this time, my laptop are running version 79.0. Hope Firefox will get a 100th Anniversary :birdheart:

Thank you Mozilla!

#Tusky 12 has been released!
We added the possibility to move the main navigation to the bottom, follow more than one hashtag at once, squashed a lot of bugs and improved translations - Tusky is now also translated into Irish, Hindi, Vietnamese and Thai!

Read the full changelog here:

One of the things I really love about #fediverse is how you can discover not only great people, great ideas but also good old links to open place on the web, blogs, sites, (even more in the #Indieweb swarm) of real people, by real people.. Something that is simply gone from silo networks, where each link send to news orgs sites, other platforms, but not People.

Feels like 1997 when exploring the web diversity was a full time occupation :)
Beginner's guide to Mastodon made by instance and other contributors from different instances. Very easy to understand. Available in EN, ES, FR, IT, CA.

Hello residents! My name's Duy. I'm proud to be a new moderator of our community. If you see any toots or accounts that break our terms, you can help us by report them. Soon, I'll review and process. Today, I suspened 23 Vietnamese accounts for spam advertisings :blobfearsweat:
I love chatting so feel free to @ me!
Thanks for being a part of the !

Some of the stuff available in the The store is run by me and @stux. A third of each purchase goes toward supporting me (the designer) and the instance.

Am I the only one who still excited and thought Win XP has better UI than its sucessors? My favourite visual style is 𝘌𝘮𝘣𝘦𝘥𝘥𝘦𝘥.

Sometimes I think what could I have done differently to make better use of the opportunities given by Mastodon being in the spotlight in the past. Like I imagine if Mastodon as it is in 3.2.0 was available during April 2017, a lot more people who checked it out would have stayed permanently, probably. It’s kind of frustrating to think about, really.

Searching for social accounts across multiple Mastodon / Fediverse instances? Try this:

I believe large social networks won’t go away, but usage will drop. Users will instead flock to smaller interest-based communities.

Web 1.0: Yahoo, MySpace
Web 2.0: Facebook, Twitter
Web 3.0: Mastodon (and other federated social networks)

Now all I need is an Embed Mastodon Timeline :mastodon: toolkit.

Hello ferdiverse!
I'm a web cordinator from South Western Vietnam. Other things I do include writing poems, translate softwares and game modding.

Joined Mastodon because I believe social networks must be a place not for the consumer, but for connecting people.

Feel free to ask me anything ;)

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