Waiting for v3.3 and v13.0 release date. December 1st, please!

Step 2:
is now 12,788 users!
✓ Suspened 307 spammers
✓ Mission completed
✓ Good night :blobmiou:

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Spam accounts on Mas.to is being processing...
Step 1 (count_total): 13,095 registered
✓ Completed

Mission completed! Now all my information sources are in one place :blobcatcoffee:

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I just noticed "Local" icon and "Follows and followers" icon on web interface are exactly the same. Could you update this in next version 3.3.0, my lord @Gargron?

I will organize all my favourite blog sources and start using a reader tomorrow. Goodbye information overload. It's time to back to Web 1.0~!

merges chat service with Direct is the first step to manipulate human messaging platforms. I guest they will merge in the future, too. I'm really upset that America gov can't stop the expansion of this devil company as they did with .

will be EOL at the end of 2020. I'm so sad that cool flash video games was replaced by trashy mobile games nowadays. Miniclip, Newgrounds, Armor Games... Does we need a museum for them?

Everytime my female boss edit my brochure designs, I feel my "lovely children" become pieces of trash. She changes beautiful fonts into ugly fonts, put overload content, add low-quality photos, use wrong typography... Then she says: "It's nice now!"

We've not asked for donations since the first lockdowns earlier this year, as we know a lot of people will be in difficult circumstances, however we've still received several donations since then.

Thanks to everyone who's donated, it means a lot to us!

This instance is and always will be a free service, but anything that helps cover our costs is hugely appreciated. Stay well and stay safe folks! ❤️

Cốc Cốc đang quảng cáo láo giống y chang như Vietkey Linux năm nào. Lấy mã nguồn mở Chromium Việt hóa giao diện lại, thêm vài add-on, xong thuê báo đăng bài "Sản phẩm trí tuệ của người Việt, dành cho người Việt". Khôn lõi như mấy công ty công nghệ Việt Nam thì đừng bao giờ mong mình ủng hộ.

Pixelcat is a beautiful and fast Android client for the fediverse. It focuses on images and is primarily intended to be used with @pixelfed but it works with @Mastodon and #Pleroma as well (everything that speaks Mastodon api).
#Pixelcat is free and open source (GPLv3). github.com/pixelcatapp/Pixelca

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So I've joined the fediverse. This place feels like what the Internet used to be 30 years ago. Full of possibility, a big blank slate, finding "pen pals" across the world.

I'm not a kid anymore, but still a kid in my heart. Never got to be much of a kid when I was young so trying to see the world through young eyes again. Full of possibilities...

What's the use of Instagram? All pics are compressed so it's definitely not for photographers or artists.

I guess the only use of it is to simp for hot models there. And to see ads

Lâu rồi mới có hứng review phim công nghệ, kể từ sau phim Truy Tìm Tung Tích Ảo.

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