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This is ! Jesus Christ if we saw another country doing this we would have invaded them by now, And if not that at the very least we would have sanctioned them.

I just want a tool I can use to author content, and then check boxes for which platform to post it to, between:
- twitter
- mastodon
- instagram
- my wordpress microblog

And I feel like I can do that with Wordpress somehow maybe?

I mean, if you try hard enough, you can use Wordpress for anything but like, I want it to be pretty painless 🤔

But then again, maybe I can just manually cross-post things loooooool. I just feel like I go through phases of using either Twitter or Mastodon, but I don't ever use both. Like, I'll swing back and forth when I hit problems, aka mastodon is better at everything but way more of my network uses twitter.

Can anyone comment on the accuracy of this? I've got a bunch of I've collected over the past few months of doing deliveries and doing much more cash handling. Is a real thing?

What is the best game?

@nintendo okay, I'm confused, you're clearly not the real official Nintendo, but you've got a verified check? Does verification not actually exist here on Mastodon?

@Minecraft are you an official account? You look like you might be an official account... but you're not verified, whatever that even means here on Mastodon

He's still not completely recovered, but as you can see here he's walking around and is doing way better than he was when we took him in. As you can also see, he still has to wear a diaper though, as he doesn't really have the whole litterbox thing down yet.

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And finally, this is Scooby. He was brought into the vet injured and was completely paralyzed from the hip down. He had no control over his legs or tail. We initially expected to foster him for a week and have him put down after because his chances of survival were extremely low according to the vet, but he pulled through and he ended up fitting a nice niche in the household giving Olé someone to play with, so here he stays in our home. He's still not completely recovered.

This one is Olé, he's named after the Potato Olés from @TacoJohns he actually came to us as a rescue as well. He was taken into the vet after being found in the back of a semi trailer where he basically accidentally hitchhike from Texas. We got him when he was a couple months old and he's now the angsty teenager of the house.

And this is Pepper. He was our first rescue. He had been abandoned by his original owner at the vet and for the longest time he was basically the blood donor cat of the vet. I like to think of him as the grumpy old man of the house, but My partner says when I'm not home he is incredibly cuddly with her. I still have my doubts.

Oh, and actually forgot to give you guys her name so here's another picture of Mayaih. She likes to jump on my shoulders when I'm not giving her enough attention. I'm now walking around the house to take pictures of the other cats and she's just hanging out with me. She was my girlfriend's second cat and is the cuddle bug of the family.

Well, I guess it would be worth taking a break from work to introduce you to my cats. This is Pic. He was my girlfriend's first cat. He's also the oldest.

So here I am sitting at my desk, and my decided it's cuddle time.

I want to start my own small business doing tech services and consultation for other small businesses. Anyone have any advice? progress but would appreciate any feedback

Okay... so this has potential as my new social media home.. I'd rather have something more Facebook style than twitter style, but I'm open to giving it a try...

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