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@Gargron Lists could be even more useful with a few improvements:
- choose if muted users' posts appear in lists
- batch import users into lists
- better list management interface similar to "follows and followers"

In a country which was build through immigration, where the capital hosts 70% of foreigners, how is it possible that an NGO that helps refugees and has only 3 full-time employees is about to close because it has no financial support? Come on Government of , Directorate of immigration, get this NGO a permanent funding! They do a more important job than some of you...

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Imagine the fediverse :: Understanding the fediverse by deriving known concepts

Imagine there is more than one Facebook. Thousands of organisations and individuals are offering their own edition of the Facebook social network. Some are generalist, others are themed by interest, by language or by location for example. These different editions are called instances. Users chose the one they prefer, or the one they trust most to store their account data, and register there. All instances are interconnected. Therefore, only one account is needed to interact with users from the entire federation of Facebooks.

Now imagine that there are also numerous instances of twitter, Instagram and YouTube, run by diverse organisations and enthousiastic individuals all over the world. They can all interconnect. A user from any twitter instance, can for example follow users from any Instagram instance and comment on their photos, without having an Instagram account.

Now stop imagining. These social networks exit. They are not called Facebook, twitter, Instagram and YouTube, but rather
#Mastodon, #Misskey, #Pleroma, #Pixelfed and #Peertube, amongst others. They are free, they do not collect user data for targeted adverting and usually do not display ads at all.

This is the fediverse.


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