Another good season of ended tonight and sounds like they are going to finish things out with season 5. I'm hoping they end it strong. The last couple season have been very different. I'm still digging it though.

We just watched the Beaver Kid Trilogy and it was something! The original footage was by far the best and we skipped through the Sean Penn one and mostly skipped all of the Crispin Glover one. Pretty weird shit

Too easy

Framed #155
🎥 🟩 ⬛ ⬛ ⬛ ⬛ ⬛

is better than I remembered and is worse. It has some knock off vibes to it.

continues to be weird and interesting and I'm really enjoying it so far. I believe we're about halfway through. Just watched the diner episode 5.

Watched the first two episodes and it's going to be a fun, trippy, probably sad ride!

Watched and TR declared it Predator week. Tomorrow night we'll watch and cap the week off with the movies. Which as a Paul WS Anderson completionist is a blind spot of mine. (I watched Monster Hunter last weekend and it was a... finished movie.)

All seasons of will be added to Disney+ on the 10th and I hope people give it a chance. It really feels like Star Trek: Next Generation with a jokes and not a comedy that is set in space. This last season dubbed New Horizons was excellent and I want more!

Just finished watching on Amazon Prime! I hope they don't do me dirty and cancel it like they did the excellent ! I loved the comic and the show was pretty rad too! Great cast and fun time shenanigans!

Hey, you should add Steam Deck to the list of available platforms! I just beat my first game on mine and would love to mark it instead of PC.

I really hope that the Steam Deck is enough pressure to make Microsoft release Xbox Game Pass for Linux. It's such a a great deal and I'd love to play those games on the couch, or in bed, or on the go.

A year ago I was at a resort in Mexico and tomorrow I'm going in for oral surgery. My friends and I were so sure that Coronavirus was almost over too!

I saw two ants in my bathroom when I was brushing my teeth. By the time I had left the bathroom, a new ant legend about the giant spray bottle from the sky massacre was burned into their collective unconscious.

I now feel like there are ants every.

Wow! Just three episodes in and is very very good. I'm super impressed by how much is jammed into half hour episodes. It's intense and everything is done with purpose. Really blown away so far!

Pretty good couple of movies! made me snort with laughter a few times and did not disappoint.

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Been reading the books I got in the Kickstarter years ago. Might finally run it, but I don't think I'm going to spring for the new version of since from what I've seen I don't like the new changes. I always liked the simplicity of Shaken and didn't think there was anything wrong with it.

Finally finished on . Good game! I liked it more than the first one which I assumed since told me 2 was one of his favorite games. Peter the Phoenix was my boy!

Finally finished on . Good game! I liked it more than the first one which I assumed since told me 2 was one of his favorite games. Peter the Phoenix was my boy!

Doing a little double feature on the eve of my bro's birthday. We're seeing and tonight. Since we'll get out after midnight, I'm going to drive us to Jack in the Box for celebratory egg rolls and milkshakes!

I'm still awake because I ate too much pizza and my tummy feels bad.

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