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A sentence by the author Tim Lott is something that is true for myself exactly like that:
"I have on more than one occasion longed for a different way of making a living, a hope that I understand now is entirely in vain, as it is my only marketable ability."

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It's the American Library Association's Banned Books Week. 2021 was the high water mark for books being banned by schools and libraries: a whopping 729 over 2020's 156, and 2022 is so far outpacing 2021.

Here's how book bans tend to affect book sales and distribution. Banned books only tend to get read if there's a lot of media attention accompanying the ban, like Maia Kobabe's Gender Queer has received.

What can you do? The second link is the ALA Banned books page, with lots of suggestions about setting up programs locally, but you can do something as simple as checking a banned book out of your library (or buying one) or writing a note to a banned or challenged author.

My wife and I had a holiday home just below this bizarre rock formation, Los Campanarios on La Palma. Very beautiful site, far from everything — except the traffic to the place where the paragliders started, and those were a lot, driving by on the narrow road in front of that house. Still, a very beautiful scenery.
2010 Olympus XZ-1


Now this looks nice.

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Making photos in the dark has always appealed to me. In this case, I could place the camera on a balcony railing to make an exposure of 1.5 seconds. The lake was actually as quite as it looks.
2019 Ricoh GR

The vacation on the pacific coast of Costa Rica was wonderful. But suprisingly, the dreaded long bus ride from San José to Santa Cruz was also very nice. The bus was comfortable and air-conditioned, the views were beautiful, and the overall mood in the bus was lively and pleasant.
2010 Fuji F30

By the way, the car route Google Maps shows from there to the nearest place for groceries in Santo Domingo is an illusion. That is a mere footpath, too narrow for a car.

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This looks like it could be an affordable property. 😆

Despite its look of neglect (and apparent lack of furnishing), I found this house near the northern end of La Palma (seen in the background) very charming. It isn't quite as directly on the edge of the cliff as it looks here.

I might really like living there — there is a cell tower in plain view, so some chance of Internet. Power lines also weren't far IIRC. But you'd definitely an off-road vehicle to do your groceries.
2018 Fuji E3 18-55

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so I guess the entire security team at Patreon just got laid off, which means anyone using the platform should keep a close on their credit card, as it's pretty likely they're gonna get hacked.
#patreon #hacks #psa

With this small tower on the northwestern coast of Mallorca I was lucky to catch that person on the entrance, loking like a father watching over his child in the tower. But anyway this is a gorgeous scenery, like much there is.
2015 Ricoh GR

The sky just before sunrise, seen from a plane above the Caribbean Sea. I was lucky catching Venus near the upper edge of the frame.
2010 Fuji F30

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In 1997, @Wired magazine published a long file "the next 25 years will be incredibly prosperous for Humanity" before making a sidebar "unless one or two of these ten events occur". Enjoy !

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imagine seeing a bug report that lets people bypass 2fa

and responding with "lol youre doing misinformation our systems are unhackable"

then one day later people find your publically accessible error log with partial plaintext credentials

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