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A sentence by the author Tim Lott is something that is true for myself exactly like that:
"I have on more than one occasion longed for a different way of making a living, a hope that I understand now is entirely in vain, as it is my only marketable ability."

One of the young neighbours did a little show swirling burning things around in the backyard. That was nice! The light comes only from the flames.
2009 Canon EOS 30D 17-85 0.7s

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And wise, actually. Except sometimes, when marrying the wrong man.

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S4E21 "For the Cause" Captain Yates again. Sneaky! Cannot remember how that goes on later.

S4E20 "The Muse" Lwaxana and Odo again, touching, but in the end both don't quite get what they want. But it is for the best (as well as an important opening for future options), and their friendship is strong.

Remarkable how different Lwaxana is portrayed in DS9, as opposed to TNG. There she was an insufferable and imposing chatterbox, here she is still somewhat a chatterbox, but quite sensitive and truly loveable.

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Nice bit of reporting from Swedish Radio. They built an online fake pharmacy and activated Facebook advertising tools. Thousands of simulated visits to the pharmacy were made each day, and the reporters could see all the sensitive, personal information being stored by Facebook.

Facebook sent no warnings to the pharmacy, despite saying they have tools in place to prevent this from happening.

A few weeks ago they revealed how this was happening with real pharmacies.

T'Lara should have rejected that as illogical.

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S4E17 "Rules of Engagement": I found the resolution, while well consistent with the overall plot and story arc, somewhat unsatisfactory, too deus ex machina for my taste. The hearing in general not bad, though.

But Worf being tricked into "attacking an unarmed opponent" was, despite being displayed as a significant thing, kind of a fake and only technically true — Ch'Pok was just as well armed as Worf was at the moment.

S4E15 "Bar Association": The Rise of Rom, such a delight.

S4E14 "Sons of Mogh": Why doesn't anyone say what is so obvious, that Kurn is a whiny bitch, nothing but reveling in his misery, and should just pull himself together and deal with his situation? Yes, he is in a really bad place, I get that. But the way he behaves here is pathetic.

Yes, that triangle is interesting. Where Ziyal isn't involved, though... It is good, well written and well played, and it serves a function — showing him being intrigued by her, and her being deeply annoyed and appalled by his attentions, trying to concentrate on the task at hand, in what she sees as a purely temporary alliance for a purpose and nothing else.

I liked it the first time, and while it is still good, it is a bit tiring, her constantly having to fight off unwanted attention.

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Currently in the middle of S4E13 "Return to Grace". The triangle between Kira, Dukat, and Ziyal is super interesting.

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re-watch yesterday: S4E2 The Visitor and S4E5 Rejoined, two real tear-jerkers.
I am conflicted about The Visitor — I think it is a good episode, but still I don't *like* it very much — likely because it introduces a big change, but in the end it is "ha, ha, only kidding; as we were."
Still *love* Rejoined. Only now I learned how significant it was overall, one of the first few shows w/ women kissing (and meaning it) on tv.

Also S4E7 Little Green Men and S4E10+11 Homefront, Paradise Lost.

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if you're going to a protest, leave your phone *clap clap*
if you're going to a protest, leave your phone *clap clap*
if you're doing something mad
and the consequences, bad
and you're going to a protest, leave your phone *clap clap*

So that wasn't episodes 1+2, but episode 1, at least how Netflix counts it, "The way of the warrior Parts 1+2."
There was a lot in that double episode, but above all, Worf. Good to have him back.
Enough for today, so I can go to bed a bit earlier than last night. It is half past midnight after all.

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I remember the first time watching this I had a surprisingly strong positive reaction to her voice, or to her manner of speaking. Now, not quite so strong, but I still love to hear her speak. Also, her face in the closeups.

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