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if an event two hours away from you was advertising "free mac and cheese" would you drive the two hours just to make sure in case they're giving away a free Apple Macintosh Computer and cheese?

beep boop i was a computer this whole time!!!!!

eating salty tortilla chips is a dangerous activity. if not careful, you risk the corners of your upper lip getting red and blistery. beware.

saw an ant taking a stroll on my windshield wiper while driving to the dentist

portobello mushroom burger. voila! *chef kiss* 馃憣

pinging all enthusiasts --- is there any sensible way to develop Lua/Lapis/Moonscript on Windows relatively pain-free? Is LuaRocks usable? Should I be looking at Docker? Guide me!

*sprinkle basil on my scrambled eggs*

i'm a master chef

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