taking a hiatus from the fediverse. generally unhappy & bored of it. maybe it'll get better? staying optimistic for the future.

if you want, find me at keb.now.sh or at subreply.com/keb

so long!

unconvinced the fediverse is ready for primetime

what's your favorite tiny framework? i recently used polka (node.js) for a project and enjoyed it. also i gave bottle.py a whirl a couple weeks ago and found it pleasant. loved that it included its own templating engine.

honestly think YouTube's "recommended" and "trending" features do more harm than good to their viewers. if you want to waste less of your valuable time, use some custom CSS to hide all that crap lest you be tempted. or use an Invidious instance

I want to switch to Linux full-time, really, but... video games... πŸ˜”

bummer looks like I was blocked by someone I followed. shame cuz i valued their toots. be careful how you wield irony folks, especially around software developers. they can be such weenies -- especially the loud & hostile ones. πŸ˜‰

Does "Profile unavailable" mean I've been blocked by that person on Mastodon?

is there a fediverse mastodon/pleroma equivalent that doesn't allow images? that might be more up my alley

Laughing Stock and Spirit of Eden by Talk Talk are two of the greatest albums of *all time*


After only switching to Migadu for my e-mail less than 2 weeks ago, they JUST announced they are jacking up their pricing and getting rid of the free plan. At this point, Mailbox.org looks like the better deal.

is fediverse microblogging worth using if you don't have any friends on it? sometimes i struggle to find a reason to come on here. most interesting people i want to follow also only use Twitter, so that sucks. considering taking a hiatus. I've been using subreply.com recently, and sometimes feel that it's more conducive to healthy discussion than masto or twitter are. i'm more tempted to type my thoughts on there.. at least there i get some good replies. also less meme spam.

is node.js debugging a pain in the ass for anyone else? it seems the only way to get a decent debugging experience is to use VSCode... but I'm on Sublime Text and prefer it to VSCode for reasons.

if you're looking for new videogames to play -- look in the past! plenty of hidden gems that escaped much press attention 20 years ago.

forcing myself to get on webcam more often at work. think i've gotten TOO used to working in my underwear

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moved my primary e-mail over to migadu.com thanks to @sir 's recommendation and it's been awesome. the free plan is a little restrictive, and they impose a signature on your outgoing e-mail, but it should be fine otherwise for personal use assuming you dont get over 100 emails a day. i've since paid for a month, but not sure i'll even need it. it is great using my own domain. πŸ‘ having the freedom to move to another service is awesome

never make someone feel stupid for simply asking a question. it is a bad habit that one can easily fall into, but it is one of the worst habits a person can have. just chill and remember that there are still things you dont know shit about either

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