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This video made my day. It's so amazing that I haven't fully processed it. I'm only half-way through watching it, while writing this. I'm liable to feel sudden, uncontrollable joy and excitement later today. Defend !

i'm uncertain if youtube-dl supports invidious links, so i always make sure is the domain name in the URL. URLs translate perfectly into invidious URLs and vice versa, because only the domain name differs. e.g. becomes

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Random fun fact: you can use mpv on a GNU+Linux system when youtube-dl is installed, to stream youtube playlists. If the URL says e.g. ?watch=blablabla&list=blablabla change it to ?list=blablabla

Use Invidious to watch YouTube without non-free javascript:

You can use invidious to *search* youtube, and also use it to watch videos in the browser, but I find that it doesn't work nicely with playlists.

Therefore, if I encounter a playlist, I pass it to mpv on my terminal.

You could say: libreboot IRC has been liberated

I'm fully moving my projects to Libera Chat and abandoning my neutrality. I've concluded that Freenode IRC is too toxic to associate with. I'm drafting a new article announcing this on

Libreboot IRC is on port 6697 TLS

How to get the most out of your X200. Don't merely flash it; upgrade the default boot flash! With 16MiB boot flash, you could easily fit a linux kernel and tiny minimal OS inside initramfs. I'm planning to integrate Linuxboot in Libreboot, in the future.

I'm doing a Libreboot X200 video: the 8MiB flash has been replaced with 16MiB flash. Completely useless at present, but I plan to create a version of linuxboot (coreboot payload) with linux-libre, and put that in Libreboot. For this, at least 12MiB of flash is recommended.

do you remember, once upon a time, my saying how much i dislike the ch341a?

here's a new video to jog your memory

CH341A is *garbage*. Data lines are 5v, they should be 3.3v (can still flash 5v ICs on 3.3v usually). Insufficient decoupling (must add capacitors). WP/HOLD on 25xx pins shorted directly to 3.3v, rather than via pull-up resistor...

Don't buy it. Save your money!

Pics show mods *I* did, to fix the issues. However, it's still bad at ISP flashing. For non-ISP (DIP8 in ZIF, or SOIC8 in ZIF via spring socket), it works great. I'll use this to flash winbond ICs before installing them in the X200T!

I'm thinking of ch341a. Lots of people have success but they don't do the 3.3v data line fix, so the IC doing SPI is directly powered off of +5v. When you do the fix, you run it off of the 3.3v buck converter. I had reliability issues with ISP after that.

IDEA: Add 2nd buck converter?

I think that the 3.3v regulator on a ch341a probably doesn't provide enough current for both the ch341a IC *and* isp flashing, so after doing the 3.3v data line fix, a 2nd 3.3v regulator is indicated (for isp)

Has it ever occurred to you that the internet, as we know it, has existed for about 30 years now? The internet has actually existed for about 50 years, but the Linux kernel became available in 1991 and the internet started kicking off commercially around the same time. 30 years! is live! It's a transgender wiki and provides chatrooms for those who need support. TransChat replaces the old site, "Transit".

The old Transit IRC channels have shut down! People who wish to enter should check out the new channels listed on the new site.

Any transgender community claiming to be the old Transit community is fake. The new chatrooms are named TransChat. Enjoy!

Don't buy ch341a, but if you did get duped into buying one, this video tells you how to make it safe to use. By default, it is unsafe to use.

The video is uploading and processing now. I really went for a "this game sucks" vibe like in Angry Videogame Nerd, but instead saying: "ch341a sucks" - and that is literally the title of the video.

I hate ch341a, and i hate *myself* for now becoming part of the problem, but i want people to stop asking about it on my IRC channels. So I'm documenting how to use it safely, on

The ch341a is sold by a company that simply does not care about the quality of the products it sells

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I give up. I tried to get people NOT to buy ch341a (SPI programmer). It is unreliable (for ISP) and poorly designed. I'm documenting it just so people stop asking about it.

By default, it has 5V data lines, but your flash is 3.3V. You can fix that, however! I'm doing a video.

Watching House of Cards. The original British BBC series, not the American remake. Haven't watched it in years, but it's great. In the original BBC version, the antagonist is a *conservative*, meaning right-leaning. In the American version, the antagonist is a Democrat (left-leaning).

Francis Urquhart is the greatest villain/antagonist ever invented. Certainly more evil than Frank Underwood. Some say the American series is better; some may indeed think that, but I couldn't possibly comment!

My room-mate was hungry so I gave her a banana and told her to eat it, because it's full of potassium and she said:


Domain name shopping. It's like regular shopping, but when you finish, you don't merely go home; rather, you will have a *brand new*!

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