Pinned post sales of Libreboot laptops to the European Union have resumed. I now ship to the European Union again.

Libreboot laptops on now come with AR5BXB112 WiFi cards, instead of AR5B95. It has 3 antenna connections with 3x3:3 MIMO and dual channel configuration, allowing 802.11n 450Mbps speeds. It uses the AR9380 chipset, which is fully supported in linux-libre.

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The FSF turns 36 today! We're hard at work fighting for your freedom, so in the meantime, please check out our anniversary celebration from last year:

I have decided to delete my YouTube account. It is done. I will set up a Peertube instance instead. Peertube is a decentralized video hosting service, and entirely Free Software:

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Happy 38th anniversary to the GNnouncement that started it GNall: the announcement of the GNU operating system! Here's to 38 more years.

1TB SSDs now offered, instead of 480GB SSD, for all libreboot/osboot laptop orders on

Also: the default HDD option is now 320GB instead of 250GB, for those who don't want the SSD. Most of the HDDs I've been shipping are 320GB anyway.

16MiB flash upgrade now done *by default* on all Libreboot laptops sold at

This is in preparation for a planned Libreboot update, which will have LinuxBoot, a powerful busybox+linux based bootloader, as an alternative to GRUB. See:

Chip upgrade service reduced in price on

I upgrade the flash IC (containing Libreboot) to 16MiB (128Mbit). This allows you to fit a busybox+linux OS in the flash. Linuxboot integration is planned for future Libreboot releases, similar to how Heads does it.

I've been informed that the GNU project website hosts a copy of my Free Firmware Song, which is based on Richard Stallman's Free Software Song. I previously published it on my blog. You can see it here, on the GNU project website:

Exciting jitsi meeting by the team behind today. They are proceeding with plans to re-upstream the ASUS KGPE-D16/KCMA-D8 code in coreboot, which dropped support after version 4.11.

Libreboot currently uses coreboot 4.11 on those boards. I will provide whatever support I can to 3mdeb.

Info here:

I've renamed RetroFreedom back to Ministry of Freedom, and redirected to

This is the old name. RetroFreedom was an experimental re-brand; I planned to offer retro computers and console mods.

I've changed my mind. I'll focus on Libreboot.

Ministry of Freedom is back!


Foreign keyboards available.

I typically ship with British (UK Qwerty), but as of today, you can once again order with another layout if you wish:

This video made my day. It's so amazing that I haven't fully processed it. I'm only half-way through watching it, while writing this. I'm liable to feel sudden, uncontrollable joy and excitement later today. Defend !

i'm uncertain if youtube-dl supports invidious links, so i always make sure is the domain name in the URL. URLs translate perfectly into invidious URLs and vice versa, because only the domain name differs. e.g. becomes

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Random fun fact: you can use mpv on a GNU+Linux system when youtube-dl is installed, to stream youtube playlists. If the URL says e.g. ?watch=blablabla&list=blablabla change it to ?list=blablabla

Use Invidious to watch YouTube without non-free javascript:

You can use invidious to *search* youtube, and also use it to watch videos in the browser, but I find that it doesn't work nicely with playlists.

Therefore, if I encounter a playlist, I pass it to mpv on my terminal.

You could say: libreboot IRC has been liberated

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