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Something very wonderful, written in HTML by a very wonderful person, is now live. I didn't make this site, but it's an entire site defending RMS.

The cancellers are officially on notice.

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If I work on a piece of GNU software, and toot my work on mastodon, does that mean I'm tooting my GNU horn?

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My favorite social network is all of us having our personal sites and being subscribed to each other's RSS feeds.

I encourage everyone to chip in on this crowd fund campaign. Louis Rossman, well-known Right to Repair lobbyist wants to get laws passed in his country USA for Right to Repair.

This will greatly benefit projects like coreboot and riscv-related projects.

Right to repair means: access to schematics, boardviews and other such info necessary for repair. Presently, hardware/logic info is highly restrictive. This law would be a huge legal precedent for future rights.

I'm GNU do some software. It's GNU be good. You're GNU like it. Never GNU give you up. Never GNU let you down. GNU do GNU things. It's a brand GNU age.

Everyone should study gnuspeak. I think it's great. Try it! Start with

Are you GNU sing it with me?

sweetness! when i showed you all earlier, on a vim i asked the owner to link which is my personal website. is designed to look like a 90s site(i had that exact intention)

and the owner now links to my site!

@qorg11 you should get yourself on there too :) is 90s as fuck, and you even use http:// - my site cheats: it's https only and uses css to mimmick the 90s look

The only sticking point is other boot firmware projects beside coreboot; uboot and oreboot come to mind. I could have multiple projects in Boot....

or I could port coreboot to boards! For example, if uboot supports something and coreboot doesn't, add it to coreboot.

IMO coreboot is vastly superior to everything else. It's the difference between using Vim, and using notepad.exe. It gives you so much power, compared to anything else that exists out there!

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Libreboot is an advanced automated build system that integrates coreboot, payloads, utils and so on, providing a coreboot distro in the same way Debian provides a GNU+Linux distribution (with a similar concept of an "automated build" process, just at a larger scale).

The reason GNU Libreboot never made sense is Libreboot had GRUB in it, as did GNU. So GNU had 2 bootloaders! That and no coreboot development was done directly; with my new plan, GNU would have a *proper* boot firmware project.

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Example of how this would benefit us: coreboot dropped support for ASUS KGPE-D16 which libreboot supports. I'm currently maintaining it in an older branch.

Having a proper fork of coreboot would allow me more control; I can ensure that all possible support for libre-friendly boards is properly maintained.

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What if I forked coreboot, deblob, call it Boot and submit it for entry into the GNU project? GNU Boot!

I just de-blob coreboot via scripts, but coreboot doesn't always act well for Libreboot; e.g. it may drop support for a board

GNU Libreboot made no technical sense but just coreboot (forked as GNU Boot) would be perfect.

Libreboot would remain non-GNU. lbmk (libreboot-make, which integrates coreboot/grub/etc) wouldn't join, but would use GNU Boot instead of de-blobbing upstream coreboot

Fun fact: libreboot has existed for 7 years, 1 month and 1 day. 2589 glorious days.

Here's the original site, first recorded on WayBack Machine at 6 March 2014. It may have come online earlier. For a few months prior, it was nameless.

There are releases prior to that, but those were retroactively renamed to libreboot. It was called coreboot-libre, hosted on my company website as a tarball with coreboot+grub src & pre-made .config. It only supported the ThinkPad X60

can you imagine what would happen if and formed an alliance?

the united federation of text editors. I'd use :e to open a dialog file with them. they would use C-x C-f to open a dialog file with me

we would figure out a way to communicate in our mutually alien languages. together, we'd be unstoppable in our editing of C files.

i'm really curious who made ;)

I vaguely remember someone in libreboot IRC telling me they made it, but i no longer remember who

I learned today that exists. now has competition! (I own

This is the best website ever:

I found it today. It is... It's the best thing ever. http:// is a nice touch!

This website is best viewed at 1024x768. (on a CRT monitor)

Obranimo Richarda Stallmana!

Prije 2 godine, poznati Misaoni Zločinac Richard M Stallman je lažno optužen za branjenje seksualnog zlostavljanja u Orwellskoj kampanji mrljanja, koju su orkestrirali mediji po naredbi prodavača neslobodnog softvera. 36 godina borbe za vašu slobodu, poništene. Bilo je toliko zlobno da je RMS dao ostavku kao predsjednik Utemeljenja za slobodan softver (FSF-a).

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure part 6 "Stone Ocean" is being animated! It has been announced. There will be an anime soon.

Here is some Jojo fan art that I once did. (on the one with proscuito and pesci i fucked up the hands. drawing hands is a weakness; i've gotten better at it though. maybe I'll do more art in the future)

I didn't sketch these in pencil first. I went straight to ink, Rohan-style. In honour of Rohan, the manga artist in Jojo part 4.

I always go straight to ink when drawing jojo.

I am eccentric; very much so.

Is being eccentric a bad thing? I think independently, and am liable to change my mind about things; usually after a period of intense self-reflection.

I often do things people consider strange. Sometimes what I do can be truly wonderful, and at other times, terrifying (to you).

I consider the ability to change ones mind a sign of maturity. A sign that one is able to keep an open mind, to adapt and improve.

I stand by my eccentricity!

2 anos atrás, Criminoso de pensamento Richard Stallman foi falsamente acusado de defender estupro em uma campanha de difamação orwelliana, orquestrada pela mídia mainstream a pedido de fornecedores de software proprietário.36 anos lutando pelo sua liberdade digital, cancelado. Foi tão cruel que ele pediu demissão de seu posto como presidente da FSF.A FSF não fez nada para protegê-lo ou defendê-lo. No entanto, você pode defendê-lo!

Something very wonderful, written in HTML by a very wonderful person, is now live. I didn't make this site, but it's an entire site defending RMS.

The cancellers are officially on notice.

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