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People if you have questions just ask😎 👍

No personal stuff:

*Fuck all Nazis, burn in hell alt-right🤬 🤬 🤬
*where I live
*what my name is
*color of my persona
*s*xual orientation
*world view

Anything else is fine

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Folks please if you ask me anything write pleaz in English…

… Or in a Language which I can understand, if you write for example in Arabic, Cyrillic, Hindi, Chinese, Amharic … I can't answer you properly, which in return makes me angry.

And follow please the proposals in this video

You can also get inspired by this article

Or this article

Or this too

Or this one too

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Hey Folks if you want to better understand why I donated watch this clip 👍 👍 ❤️ 😎

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#ThankGNU to Adam Oberbeck and Alan Stein for their generous donations to the FSF. With your help, we will defend #UserFreedom and break the chains of proprietary software for a freer future!

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Assigning your copyright to the Free Software Foundation helps us defend the GPL and keep software free. Thanks to Lê Trung Đan and Matthew Beshara #Emacs for assigning their copyright to the FSF! #GNU

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Browse The Intercept Anonymously and Securely Using Our New Tor Onion Service

"This spring I will be teaching a course at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) called “Machine Learning for Artists.” Since the subject is fairly uncommon outside of the realm of scientific research, I thought it would be helpful to outline my motivations for offering this class."

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All jene, die Kommentarspalten auf Blogs, Plattformen, Foren etc. zu einer »Shitshow« werden lassen: Schaut euch mal das Video von Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim an.

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