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People if you have questions just ask😎 👍

No personal stuff:

*Fuck all Nazis, burn in hell alt-right🤬 🤬 🤬
*where I live
*what my name is
*color of my persona
*s*xual orientation
*world view

Anything else is fine

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Folks please if you ask me anything write pleaz in English…

… Or in a Language which I can understand, if you write for example in Arabic, Cyrillic, Hindi, Chinese, Amharic … I can't answer you properly, which in return makes me angry.

And follow please the proposals in this video

You can also get inspired by this article

Or this article

Or this too

Or this one too

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Hey Folks if you want to better understand why I donated watch this clip 👍 👍 ❤️ 😎

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Hey folks, I could use a bit of help again. Rent's due, and I've only got about half of what I need.

If anyone out there can spare a bit of dosh to help me out, it would be super appreciated. #pleasehelp #TransCrowdFund

Cash App:$silpony

"I my job over a year ago and haven't told anyone.

I saw some similar posts to this so I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon[…]"

Well, this must be that what Marx describes as communism right :D

Or what Buddha referred to as Nirvana :D

Alt. link.:

This is if the instance goes down

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@isegrim Manche Instanzen haben sich da was gebastelt, um das möglich zu machen. Bei gibt es das: "Inline math Latex support - Use \ ( and \ ) for inline LaTeX, and \ [ and \ ] for display mode."

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Der auf spektakulär anmutenden Aufnahmen festgehaltene Ausbruch eines unterseeischen Vulkans in der Nähe des Inselstaates Tonga hat in weiten Teilen des Pazifiks zu Tsunami-Warnungen geführt. Für ganz Tonga wurde am Samstag eine Tsunami-Warnung ausgegeben.


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I went through my art and thought I'd offer a few of the pieces that are not in sketchbooks and such. Currently I have 4 of my inkdrawings from last october up in my Ko-Fi shop. :) So if you'd like an original, now's your chance!

PS: My commissions are also open, if you'd like a personal piece. 😉

"Combination of pre-adapted bacteriophage therapy and antibiotics for treatment of fracture-related infection due to pandrug-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae[…]"

well this is

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