The ESB engineer found that the live wire coming in to the house had come loose at the pole. With the neutral wire completely disconnected.


When flapping in the wind it was connecting disconnecting connecting over and over.



A while ago I mentioned a problem where some electronics were ticking. At first I thought it was the computer PSU but lights started doing it, my sewing machine, microwave, etc.

Two nights ago the lights started flickering like a 1940s horror movie. We killed the electricity at the board. Stuff improved at night. The following day in the afternoon they failed again like a rave. At this point all major electrical bits were unplugged so it was just the lights.


In other news I have booked an Irish Tutor! It's great I can say stuff like: Ólann an Moncaí uisce. But I'd like to be able to hold a conversation outside of Dublin Zoo.

I even managed to ask my husband for Lemsip in Irish last night :) he didnt know what I was going on about but could work it out from cupán lemsip.

Well those last few days sucked balls. So much better today though. Bloody hell. No rescheduled test so I guess I'm not having one?

Signal blows in with the wind.

Good news is I got a start date for college and it is exactly 14 days away. So I can continue to isolate and be grand.

Doctor requested a covid test for me.

In Ireland the appointments go through as SMS.

1. When I got the SMS after keeping my phone on the outside window sill I had 20 mins to do a 40 min drive

2. I requested a reschedule, and haven't heard anything because I d o n t h a v e s i g n a l .

There is no other way to get the test confirmed. All handled through SMS, no phone line, no email.

Meanwhile my symptoms have got worse over night.

Someone on the discord server I'm Staff for threatened to post a link to us on Tumblr.

Everyone freaked out hahaha. But we can't change the link because we are too lazy to go and edit it in various other places.

So we are now ready to spend the day rejecting tumblr entrants.

Unrelated to that I have been lino cut printing these last few days and I miss being able to use the big roller presses in college. Using the back of a spoon to print is getting old.

So hmu if you know of anyone getting rid of a roller press. I have a van and will pick it up.

It will come as no surprise that Brother tech support didn't read the ticket I sent them where I detailed all troubleshooting, version numbers, and documents used.

So I gave up on them.

Turns out it is a document issue. Not specific document but the document you send for printing.

I have my dot matrix back in my parents attic and I will use it.

Now I am past Brother's canned algorithm response I hope there is a human in there with an SOP for my problem.

I don't know if my ten years working in call centres makes me a good tech support customer or the worst.

Why is Windows 10 doing this to me? Why isn't there any information on how to fix this?

Seriously what the fuck.

After three days of trying to get my duplex printer to print duplex, after getting a new printer after deducting it was the old printer (in fairness Old Printer kept crashing and resetting itself) it turns out that Windows 10 broke duplex printing?!?!

And of COURSE all I can find online is that fact, and not where or how I might find a fix.

Considering how much I need to print I am REFUSING to do manual duplex.

My CBD oil arrived today. Advice is drops under the tongue and let it dissolve.

It is disgusting. FYI.

I have built my own desktop but not my own laptop. But I'd like to build a new laptop into an old case. Has anyone done this/got advice?

Using google drive as part of the mod team on a Discord server. Drive has got slow and clunky!

Gorgeous Victorian house by the sea for my overnight holiday with family. However it gets quite hot and stays that way...

Taking bets on the delivery arriving as soon as I step in the shower.

New sewing machine should arrive today. Which means I of course said I'd go away overnight so I cant immediately play with the machine.

Also my custom fabric is arriving this week. I cant wait to see how that turned out!

Dad (UK) just sent me a sad face emoji and a photo of his now expired and no longer renewable European Health Insurance Card.

So I went online, filled a brief form out in 2 minutes and got my EHIC applied for and sent him a screenshot of the success page.

(He voted to stay in the EU btw).

So bad at spelling a word that auto correct can't help me out.

Poor mans paleoton is my cheapass stationery bike in front of The Chef Show on netflix.

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