Thanks to Cracking The Cryptic over on 'Tube I am deep into the Sudoku hole. I'm rubbish at it but learning the logic. It's quite fun!

Fun fact. It always takes me two times to spell Sudoku right.

Oh! Never mind. I've bodged my way around it!

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Sooooo. I'm really struggling getting a textbook for college. It will only be readable on what appears to be the worst app on the iOS app store. I don't suppose someone out there could un DRM it for me?

I have the ACSM and PDF of it. Adobe Digital Editions is shocking.

Also my mobile carrier is probably regretting unlimited SMS in their package right now....

Still no job luck. I actually withdrew from one job even after getting to second round as a few questions asked of me set off a few red flags.

Another job is delaying third round interviews due to shenanigans with getting the company set up in Ireland.

But in a twist of irony, after getting no financial support for art school I'm now using my Job Seeker status to study business modules at the University of Limerick. Art will have to stay a hobby.

Literally just popped on to masto to see what drama was happening.

But then that highlighted my need to have something to scroll aimlessly through.

But at least it's chronological.

I have applied a bunch of new things to my most recent job application. It closes on 30th August so I don't have to worry about hearing back until after then. But I'm still going to worry about hearing back.

Brushing up on my SQL just in case in the rare event I get an interview they test it.

SQL is an overly complicated CSV file, really.

Just popping in to ask for advice.

Any tips to get past the AI gatekeeping jobs/career portals?

It's either that or I start cold-calling companies just to get my CV and profile in front of a human. Like the 1960s.

We harvested some potatoes on the first day of harvest. And they look like potatoes. I'm always amazed when we grow food that it looks like food.

I am now steaming our one rooster and one record. Fresh butter = nom.

Today was A Day. So now I'm.eating my weight in stuffed potato skins.

It is also raining, and fresh, and cool. It is so lovely.

So I learned new things today.

Just want to add that as a hiring manager I would have been fired so fast my feet would not have hit the ground if I did so much as specify height on a job posting.

I need to sit in a dark room I am so shocked by this.

Update update: French friend said it I'd because certain roles are gendered within their language. I agree that it is also the same in English (actor, actress).

However Community Manager isn't gendered.

I have a new found respect for my Dad who worked in Employment Law for decades.

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Update: apparently in France they do specify gender on their job postings! Is France regressing?!?! The EU has these legislations for a reason wth.

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Has anyone gotna corporate contact email for GITHUB? Specifically for someone in recruitment. They have a slightly dodgy group of job postings on LinkedIn that could be construed as discrimination.

Construed being the key word here.

I am either stupidly early for things because I over planned. Or come screaming into appointments one minute late, unprepared, and having forgotten things.

Today I'm sat in Paul Street Carpark in Cork killing time because I can't do this in a café.

I even have 1 bar of Edge signal out here.

It's not what I'd call prime entertainment but it beats being inside looking for jobs.

I'm sat on my front step in the shade. I really want a front porch a la southern US. I'm sat watch my husband change the tyre on the trailer.

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