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I do not like the being conscious. I would like to return it and trade it for an unconscious please

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"Johnny, Johnny?"
"Yes, Papa?"
"Summoning the ancients?"
"No, Papa!"
"Telling lies?"
"No, Papa!"
"Thousands of eyes!"
"Ha ha ha!"

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to those who lack the energy , are afraid of conflict, or otherwise don't feel up to speaking up when fucked up shit happens


it's the least you can do. you don't get directly involved, but you bring the issue to attention. make sure you send the report to the instance the bad posts/person are on as well

it takes like a minute at most to do

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I guess the iPad's screen _is_ technically around 4K so maybe I did get the full cinematic experience only _smaller_.

I started watching the film 2017 on my iPad, just to check how it looked in 4K, and ended up watching the whole thing by mistake.

Interestingly Venezuela's motto is 'God and Federation' so I can see how they'd be naturally drawn to the fediverse...

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Not sure what's going on in Venezuela, but it seems we've been getting a lot of registrations from IPs on these two ASNs (both Venezuelan ISPs).

As many of them have been registering dozens of accounts in short timeframes we've had to put in place some targeted IP blocks and suspend numerous accounts.

Looking at some of the hashtags those accounts are tooting it appears the issue is affecting quite a few instances.

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Huge numbers of suspicious sign-ups on this evening from similar IP ranges. Remember this happened across the fediverse a few months ago? I've temporarily halted sign-ups and will block (and share) the IP ranges tomorrow.

If I had better database skills I’d maybe find a way to interrogate the instance DB for a list of all IP addresses associated with suspended accounts, sort to see the worst offenders and block on the server at IP (or even subnet) level.

MASTODON ADMINS! Keen to know if you’ve got any clever ways of dealing with spam registrations on higher volume instances. In the absence of any CAPTCHA (or similar) spam accounts can sign up easily. I’m reluctant to use sign-up approvals as they’re not foolproof and create a lot of manual work at scale. Any clever ideas?

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I was made redundant this week, so I'm looking for a new job.

I have a Masters degree in International Marketing and 6 years experience in marketing, social media & customer service.

Would prefer remote working, but will consider Manchester area.


Terrible Photoshop 

I'm so sorry. I couldn't resist.

He also 'completed' Super Mario Odyssey main story mode, plus a further 250 power moons, simply by dictating to me that I must sit there and play it for him. I'm effectively a prisoner in my own home.

Any recommendations for a good (PC) Lego game? I've finished Lego City Undercover and Lego Movie with my 3-year-old* and looking for another good one.

The obvious choice would be Lego Movie 2 but not sure if it's actually any good!

* Basically I play it while he tells me all the ways that I'm doing it wrong.

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what's the first occurrence of the late-90s/early-2000s fad for transparent/translucent colorful plastic on electronic devices? Was it the Apple eMate (1997)?

This is a boring test, please ignore this boring test 


"How much storage?" I hear you ask. Currently sitting at 2.09TB.

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