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This is both genuinely funny and absolutely the correct way to update the Red Skull for the 2020s. I mean, Hydra would also be selling 'health' supplements & asking for donations for a 'free speech' alt social media platform as well

An infinitely zooming flower garden: arkadia.xyz

I’m going to be off staring at this for a couple of hours if anyone needs me.

It's been 2 days and Biden still hasn't created an anarcho-socialist utopia


US politics, silencing hate 

you heard much about donald trump's thoughts since he was banned from social media?


that's because deplatforming works.

Read an article about how awesome the fediverse is and "they could NEVER have censored Donald Trump off the Fediverse!" was one of the advantages cited.

Yeah that's not an advantage


Been thinking about how cryptography is transient and history-bound, because every cipher today will eventually be declared insufficient, deprecated, and throw warnings or errors if you decide to use it in the future -- or machines of the future will refuse to use it. And future cryptographies will be incompatible with today's machines.

And then somebody goes and writes an excellent article about it and what to do about it. jcs.org/2021/01/06/plaintext

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Obi-Wan voice: "Luke... don't blow up the Death Star... it will divide the Galaxy even more..."

I liked Alex a lot. For quite a few Gen Cons in a row I played at least one after hours game with him. He was creative and always let a game take him wherever it wanted. I liked gaming with him a lot.
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My friend @unwyn died recently. I published one his RPGs in 2014. I think the best way to send him off is to put a copy of that game into out into the ether. Here's a PDF of Snowball (inspired by @jvwest's The Pool)…

Pre-Google web: you get places by following links. This builds up a network of places leading to places in your mind. Post-Google web: You get places by throwing words into a magic hole and out comes the thing you wanted, via black magic.

Was something lost here?

How far could you get in a day if you were limited to bookmarks, memorized urls, and links? No search engines? No site search?

Wait, she worked for the EPA? How are we going to successfully monetize a policy of climate denial if Biden appoints a non-billionaire non-industrialist non-denier as climate czar?

covid family update 

90+ days since my youngest sister was diagnosed with COVID. Last week she had three good days in a row where she could get out of bed, which was a record, but crashed hard again this weekend. Her doctor says her lungs (which were perfectly healthy before) look like she has emphysema.

Stay home stay home stay home stay home stay home stay home stay home stay home stay home stay home stay home stay home stay home stay home stay home stay home stay home stay the fuck home.

One of our jobs as a society is to protect those who can't protect themselves. But… 

… when I heard someone was selling Faraday cages for Wi-Fi routers (to protect people from the rona-laced 5G, natch), I had to stand up and applaud the audacious separation of fools and money.

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THE DOIKAYT PDF IS UP ON ITCH!!! you can now download doikayt: a jewish ttrpg anthology, and if you can't afford the cost, you can claim one of the many community copies donated by our generous kickstarter backers!!! link in next tweet ✨✡️

"The browser has turned out to be a compelling development environment for end users, because it's a virtual machine where they can provision a new one with Control-T." -- Jeremy Rustion, developer of Tiddlywiki talk.fission.codes/t/video-cha

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