Experiment: We turn off the warm water in our house every Monday for now in order to save gas and annoy Putin.

Germans don't drive any slower on Highways despite record petrol prices. So live can't be all that bad yet.

BTW, you could recognize me as the car going 100km/h on the A7 last weekend, I can't afford any higher speed :-).


📢 📢 📢 Today we publish an Open Letter from developers to the #Linux #community regarding shipping unfinished patches to users.

Shipping unfinished patches harms the user experience and slows down the review process in #FOSS projects to improve the patches.

You can read our Open Letter at: do-not-ship.it

If you agree with this letter, you can support it by signing it, see: do-not-ship.it/sign

#donotship #openletter #community #mobile #development #userexperience #opensource #PSA

Glad to be at the . My former students are presenting their startup: sustainable refillable tooth paste. Go !

The is utterly German-speaking. Not ok, "das Tor zur Welt".

Lesson #1 in :

- don't hike just with an orange T-Shirt and neon rain coat if you want to hide in the woods🤦‍♂️
- mobiles like to fall out of trouser pockets in the most unfortunate situations, eg on top of a pile of trees with only small gaps inbetween 🥴
- it is fun!

Ab heute trötet auch die Universität Mannheim auf #Mastodon. Ein herzliches Hallo an alle. 👋 Aus dem Mannheimer Schloss halten wir alle Interessierten auf dem Laufendem über Neuigkeiten zu Studium, Lehre und Forschung. 🏰 👨‍🎓 👩‍🎓

#neuhier #tröt #universityofmannheim #unima #Fediverse @lfdi

Doing something very unproffessorial over the weekend. Cross thumbs that the weather is going to be decent. 🚶‍♂️🏕️

Just noticed that I have not looked at my TWITTER feed for 2 months, and have not been missing it at all. The has just become too interesting by now :).

Heroically saved a chick that got stuck in the drain pipe of a construction site on a Sunday night. 😀

P.S. I just noticed that using the term "great" three times in a toot propably shows my enthusism but might not be the most eloquent of all wordings :)

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great to see @bfdi and other agencies in our . Also great to see a European Mastodon instance at social.network.europa.eu and even an official peertube instance tube.network.europa.eu/. Great to see Europe getting a clue!

You already know where I am if I purchase your fucking railway tickets, so why does your bonus app needs access to my GPS, prevent my phone from sleeping, is allowed to always run a battery consuming foreground service and has full networking access.

Fuck you , it is bad enough that DHL bars anyone with a Play Store account to access parcels in their package boxes. But this is so needless and dumb. And yes that is an official statement by me. You can quote me on that. 2/2

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changed their loyalty programme. Instead of a plastic card you need the BahnBonus App (Apple Store or Google Play ONLY) to collect OR REDEEM bonus points!!! This is a separate Bahn app than the one you need to buy tickets of course! Fucking , you just excluded everyone who has no access to that and that is a sizable amount of the population. Besides your app requires these permissions: reports.exodus-privacy.eu.org/

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