Just downloaded Bromite and holy shit is it faster than Firefox Mobile. Crazy.

Reading discussions is sometimes tiring. It's basically constant arguing what you can't use.

Can't use WhatsApp (because FB), can't use Telegram or Signal (because not decentralized), can't use email (because not encrypted).

If you do use some service people will judge you.

What's happening with NewPipe on F-Droid? There hasn't been an update since October.

I know you can get updates directly from NewPipe's repo though.

Just curious.

Been a while since I took a computer complete apart and put it back in. Fun! And it works afterwards.

Wondering if I should try Kotlin? Would be fun I'd imagine.


The program I'm writing has 20 lines of code for the actual functionality. Over 200 lines is just for the GUI.

Finally back to lifting weights. Feels so good! My confidence levels always get higher after a good workout.

Aiming to put on few pounds of muscle before the summer.

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Can I just say I'm tired of the endless stream of "no, you should have joined X" and "no, don't join Y, Z is far better".

It's not that I don't think it too, I do. I have preferences that are not being promoted.

But this is the attitude that is driving people away from using our beloved privacy-oriented solutions. Each of us lecturing the other among ourselves. I'd stay the hell out and go with the biggest walled garden everyone outside of FOSS is raving about if I didn't know any better.

Day 10 of evening coding.

Been taking big steps forward and ideas are flowing. Getting in the groove.

Started coding a simple app yesterday that generates a video file from audio and image.

Built a GUI for it today. Just need to add validation and make it prettier.

Fun little project.

Seems like more people are moving to Signal. I like this. I feel much more comfortable using it instead Whatsapp.

Creating projects with real UI's is very rewarding. Feels like the program comes to life at that point.

Just viewed some Python code I wrote in 2018.

Holy shit it looked horrible! But you know what, it worked and that was important back then when I started.

These days I pay even too much attention to the hierarchy and prettiness.

Damn, almost slept past noon. Oh well, I have the weekend free so the rest is welcome.

Two cups of black coffee to get the day started ☕

Evening coding, day 7. This is becoming a habit which I like.

First crawl went well with no issues. Easily over a million records. Nice!

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When I have the guts to let this program crawl it'll create over a million entries to the database. Just making sure everything works first.

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Evening coding:

Working on my first real-world web crawler with BeautifulSoup. Lot of fun!

BTW, love this mix. Super chill.


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