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Man, showing hacking in TV-shows is usually horrible. It doesn't make any sense and there's always some "cool" graphics that never happens.

I've learned that Flat Earth theory can be summed with this:

All the evidence that doesn't support your theory is a hoax, scam, lie and conspiracy.

Life must be exhausting.

Got the Aftershokz bone-conducting headphones. I like these!

I have weird ears so earbuds tend to constantly fall off my ears while moving. Have no issues with these.


It's annoying when food products advertise them as spicy/hot but barely taste like anything.

Just got a cup of noodles from Korea and finally, this hot. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

@Tutanota Hey, when logging in via browser I get a "An unexpected error occurred. Please try again later. Feedback v3.84.0 - SecurityError - UNKNOWN - Browser".

Any idea what's happening?

Just got notified that i'll become a department manager for the summer. Excited!

Making camp fire is such an awesome feeling. Small thing, big reward.

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Hanging out in a cabin in middle of nowhere and hiking for few days. Love it.

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Watching "The Blacklist" and they tracked someone by locating their insulin pump. Kind of far fetched but maybe possible?

Btw, jumping jacks are great cardio. Simple but effective.

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Every time I drink alcohol I feel I need to do some physical activity the next day to get out of the funk.

My summer vacation is going well. So far I've worked out every day, played some games and eating/drinking well. So pretty much just relaxing and enjoying the time off work.

Couple things I want to do during my vacation: Camping, roadtrip through my country, hiking, run 10k (maybe even 20k).

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Summer vacation is on! I'm such a workaholic that I'll learn to just chill outside work.

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