can happen on Facebook
Wake up this morning, got a friend DM me and said hey what is the "Bitcoin gift "on your Instagram, and i checked. It showed it is logged on from Egypt, and even Parkistan, places i never went or jumped to using VPN, and still they managed to add a campaign page on my FB.
Despite the fact that i have 2FA opened, my password is unique to FB :) no where did i use this phrase. I logged out of all sessions, all authorized devices, anything i can try? Thanks

Google Meet is designed so that we cant share anything audio or films except opened in chromium browsers for copyright purposes. There go the idea to share a piece of music/film on a meeting....

Torrents and seeder :( why cant people at least keep the ratio over 2 and then stop seeding, stuck at 85% of a 28GB download is just a pain in the xxx 🤧

Some random quick Mastodon tips which new people may find useful:

-You don't need link shorteners on Mastodon because all links count for 23 characters of your limit, no matter how long they really are.

-Make sure you include https:// at the start of website addresses so they will turn into clickable links.

-If you're using website Mastodon, you can switch to dark or light mode by going to ⚙️ Preferences > Site Theme > Mastodon Dark (or Mastodon Light). Some servers have even more colour options 🎨

-On the official app you can go to ⚙️ Settings and select Light or Dark there.

-You can report rule-breaking toots by clicking "..." on the toot and selecting Report. This goes to your server admin, and optionally anonymously to the rule-breaker's server admin too.

#MastoTips #FediTips #Mastodon #Fediverse

Visit a page in 2022

1. Decline cookies
2. Click Don't Allow on the browser message asking to access my location
3. Click Block on the browser message asking to send notifications
4. Close the chat bot asking if I need help
5. Close the "Subscribe to our newsletter" pop-up
6. Read a little bit content then booom – "Subscribtion if you want to continue reading" pay wall hit to my face

Stuck at fastboot waiting for any device when flashing vsmart joy 1+ ....

Hello! From today, I will gradually introduce Vietnamese users on Fediverse. Hope 🇻🇳 will find their compatriots easier. You can also DM me to refer people you know.

The first one is Giải Ngố — a guy who uses written words about in English and French.

His profile:

Welcome a new day!
I got bored of programming though my major is CS😅 Is there anything i can do to get back to the old me when i enjoy finding and learning?
P/s: I am still under-graduated and not having a job.
Credit: Photo by Jenny Hill - Unsplash

To put my newly obtained free time to good use, I'm considering creating workshops for introductions to programming or surveillance self-defense. The settings remain to be defined but I'd love to bring people together and share my love for good technologies.

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@phryk my experience is that young people *want* to do things like coding, electronics, fixing their vehicle (or other repairs/maintenance) but they are overwhelmed by what is often a very steep learning curve and lack of space / time / mentors to help them - as those who /would/ teach are often caught up with working long hours at paying jobs - there's also a "too cool for school" / TL;DR culture which makes it genuinely harder for them to study things in depth even if its something they enjoy>

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