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Just wanted to state this on my profile: I operate on one policy and one policy only. To each their own. I don't care if you're a furry, brony, pony, Minecraft fan, weeb, gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, or anything else. As long as you aren't hurting yourself or others, you are always a good person in my eyes.💕 Also, love is love. Love who you want and be who you want and don't let shitty people keep you behind closed doors. Love you all. Thanks. ❤❤

It's official! I have now moved operations to Misskey, specifically Kayden's instance (thanks @kayden !) You can all follow me here now: @[email protected]

As for this account, it will stay up as an archive or can be used as alt if neccesary.

The FULL transition will take a minute, as Misskey doesn't allow for follower imports, so getting all 157 of you over here won't be easy...

Nonetheless, thank you for being a great instance to be on! I will sure be watching from a far. :blobcathappy:

@kayden hey can i get an invite code to your instance? im bored as hell and then the idea just popped in my head randomly.

A common criticism leveled at #Linux is that our apps are badly designed, have bad UI or UX, or are generally worse than proprietary equivalents, and all of that supposedly limits the growth of the Linux desktop. Let's bust that myth.

My brother uses Windows and I needed to flash a Debian ISO file to my USB Drive. And, Windows decided to shoot itself in the foot right when I was flashing it.

I hate Windows with a FUCKING passion...

war on drugs: :blobcatpolice: steal peoples shit for no reason and call it forfeiture and put people in jail for smoking random plants
war on terror: :blobcatpolice: blow up arabs with no due process or oversight for years
war on human trafficking: :blobcatoutage:


got my blood drawn and that wasn't as bad as I thought lol

Yeah, sorry I haven't been very active on here... I've been prepping for the PSATs, I'm taking the actual test on Thursday, wish me luck! :pensive_party_blob:

Starting with Mastodon 3.5, we no longer try to auto-detect your posting language. It defaults to your interface language, unless overriden by setting it explicitly per-post in the API, or setting in Preferences -> Other.

✨️ I made a thing! 🎉️

Check out my brandnew webcomic, "Contra Chrome":


Subtitle: How #Google‘s browser became a threat to #privacy and #democracy.

Featuring Shoshana Zuboff, vegan Piranhas, and everything you ever wanted to know about #Chrome but were afraid to ask!

Read and download for free – hope you like it! 😊

And if you do, please spread the word! :boost_ok:

#comic #comics


Also, when I finally do build my PC, I am going to commit to learning C#.

I had a really good passion for coding up untill the pandemic where it just took all the motivation from me and I kinda just stopped doing it.

However, I am going to get back into it! And I chose C# as my language of choice, as well as brush up on my HTML and CSS a little bit. I'm excited!

When I build my PC, I have so many options!

I'll either install Fedora with either i3 or dwm and try that out for the first time, stick with elementary OS with Pantheon, or try to debloat and debotnet Windows 11 and just use that.

Speaking of which, what do YOU guys think I should do? I'm pretty indecisive...

Fediblock, rape :boost_ok: 

#fediblock for literally advocating rape

I'm thinking about trying a tiling window manager for the first time. I heard i3 is the best.

But the best thing about using fedi is that most of you guys use linux, so I don't have to go into this blind, I can ask for tips. So, anything I should know before going in?

Ok, Green is now my favourite color! And my desktop now reflects that!

Forgot to mention, Smokey has her own be right beside mine now!

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