Everyone jokes about kids and rotary phones, but I think people vastly underestimate how little younger people, even adults, understand the Old Internet. Including stuff that still exists.

Part of that is because history is so effectively scrubbed online, but literal adults are too young to remember what YouTube was like before Google bought it. Entire concepts have faded from public consciousness, their names at times referenced without context in media with roots just as old.

I need to nuke and remake my vim config for my work computer, but I also need to not have a 100% productivity loss like right now so

guess I'm just gonna deeeeaaaal

I think ive accidentally done a dry January so far. It’s been pretty easy to just not drink since I’m not going out. Also having any more than like one drink now just makes me feel like a literal trash can for the rest of the day so eh

There's only two of them and they're fairly short, which is a bit of a bummer but it does mean they don't drag on which is nice

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I really, really recommend the Kyoshi books if you like the Avatar Aang/Korra universe.

They're very well written, entertaining and far, far more intense than you'd expect. Like, holy shit so much more intense.

To quote someone else, they summarize to "be gay, do crime" and it rules.

Any and all free medical supplies like tests and masks are great but like

Coulda used that _before_ the massive surge of omicron that we saw coming from miles away. High density population areas are already seeing case loads drop, and it's expected that next up for outbreaks are the more rural areas where I mean like... not to generalize but I don't think that's where a lot of folks will be requesting free COVID supplies from the government.

I think I might start blogging again, but like maybe not also.

So just real big waves coming from my side of things today. Hard hitting news.

Curious about this one

weapons, fascists 

Jan 6 was bad, like real bad, but could have also still been so much worse.

The fascists had a weapons cache set up at a nearby hotel, and had groups stationed outside DC city limits who were on standby to ferry weapons into the District.

I personally know people who still refuse to think this was anything of note.

Fascists had weapons and contingency plans in place. One of two major political parties in the US are trying to say that's not noteworthy.


Legitimately bought a rechargeable hand warmer because I cannot for the life of me keep my hands warm while coding in the winter

We've got ourselves a tree wall! Was previously using a lot of other contrived area borders but can't go wrong with the classics.

Gonna be working on Adelaide all day. Hoping to share a lot more soon. Finishing up a playtest build, then moving on to a UI overhaul.

It snowed two inches then rained over that, now it’s two inches of slush outside which will then probably freeze overnight.


Remember the era of making mobile websites (`m.` sites especially) look like mobile apps?

Yeah I don't miss those days

Curious about this one

I would very much appreciate an updated Nintendo Switch with 4k output capable in docked mode. Any other upgrades would be nice too but I just want the games to look good on my tv is all. I know that’s hard to make happen in such a small package cuz thermals and such but that’s be quite nice.

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