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Hello! I've just moved servers (again) so seems like a good time for an post!

I'm Michael (he/him). I am a programmer by trade, game developer, tabletop GM and woodworker by hobby, and more recently I've been getting into rock climbing and writing.

By day I work for Stripe where I help to build Stripe Checkout.

I also have a super good dog named Flynn who I post pictures of pretty often.

Brexit implies the existence of "Brenter" and I'm just not ready to accept that there's anything beyond Brent.

Bug fix: 3 lines

Tests: 400 lines and counting. Ugh.

New JavaScript library alert!

Check out CapitolPolice.js, my brand new library to automatically remove all left-aligned text from a page while allowing right-aligned text to continue unimpeded.

Live demo here

This is my local indie bookstore and I love them very much.

How is Nintendo so consistently awful regarding their own games communities

Started just blocking every brand that advertises on my timeline on Twitter. Interesting results after a few months of doing so.

Getting less ads overall, maybe because their system can't choose one within a timeout for response times? Also the ads I'm getting are increasingly niche and lower production quality.

Here's a favorite recently

The software engineer sits back in their chair, hands folded behind their head - a look of satisfaction upon their face.

“Ah yes,” they say. “This abstraction makes sense and will be totally understandable after I leave the company.”

They nod.

“For sure.”

There are 100% going to be newborns named "Zagreus" this year

Open sourced my script to generate a D&D 5e reference folder for use in Obsidian.

Makes for writing custom campaign content or looking stuff up on the fly super easy.

Downloads of the finished product available on the releases page

Havent posted in a while. Just came to say fuck cryptocurrency and fuck crypto bros.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Inject this tech ceo hearing directly into my veins

All code is strongly typed if you work out before programming

Can't stop thinking about how badly I want to play Quest

Outer Wilds is worth playing for the music alone, but it is also worth playing for the story alone, but it is also worth playing for the physics alone, but it is also worth playing for the creative settings alone, but it is also worth playing for the gameplay hook alone

Outer Wilds is a very good game and you should play it 🪐

Query esp for badly off/marginalised writers:

We're a volunteer/hobbyist group and don't have resources to pay for articles, but we're looking into fundraising to give creators who need it a pot to draw from when writing for us. We're not yet sure if it's possible & what shape this might take.

So if you can only write (whether or not you'd ever write for us) if reimbursed, what sort of payment levels would make that possible for 1000-2000wd pieces? Private responses welcome.

Please boost!

Complete game engine and dev environment with first class 2d support in addition to full 3d env, simple scripting language, understandable “scene” concept and a strong observable-like structure all in a single 20mb standalone executable my goodness <3

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