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Hello! I've just moved servers (again) so seems like a good time for an post!

I'm Michael (he/him). I am a programmer by trade, game developer, tabletop GM and woodworker by hobby, and more recently I've been getting into rock climbing and writing.

By day I work for Stripe where I help to build Stripe Checkout.

I also have a super good dog named Flynn who I post pictures of pretty often.

My wife has started experimenting with weekday morning pancakes.

This is a good experiment.

Nice side effect of underclocking (and dropping max power) is that its running pretty quiet now too.

Still, compared to the previous card, my office is like 5 degrees hotter 🔥

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A few days in to using the new 3080 in my computer and so far its been stable since I found advice to underclock it by at least 50mhz. I actually went up to 200mhz underclocking and get still pretty great performance without hitting instability.

It seems that a lot of folks with 3080s report that it just shits the bed when it hits 2000mhz. Hoping that between this tweak and my new UPS, it wont fry itself in less than a month like the last one.

...well that didnt take long. Already having problems.


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Replacement nvidia 3080 finally arrived after my new computer's original 3080 died 25 days in to use.

Really, really hoping this one is gonna last. Was really upset to see such an expensive component just die, then find out thats relatively common.

Also shoutout to FedEx, who decided to completely ignore the "Fragile" label on the box and just fuck it up for fun I guess

Build names in my current project:
- Develop
- Release
- DevelopRelease

because I cannot pick a favorite

Hello mastofolk

I'd like to start posting again if you'll still have me <3

It's been a long time and I've been hard at work on a lot of stuff. (though, mostly just work work).

But even so, I've since formed an actual LLC for my indie game development, and now am working with two amazing artists on

If you're at all into spellcasting, RPGs and witchy vibes, please consider taking a look at what we're building 🔮

Hello people of all types

I have been curating interesting and historic facts and notes every morning for several weeks to share with coworkers and friends. I've really enjoyed doing it and would like to share it all with more people.

I've put together a substack newsletter where I'll be posting every weekday morning going forward. It's free and I'd love it if you checked it out:


Honestly write legislation against infinite scrolling

help my company who makes money off of other people losing money is losing money cuz other people are making money off my future money

Stepped outside this morning and it looked very winter.

Like, cool blue tone everything. Was pretty dope. Looked like how a film editor would edit colors for a winter scene.

Idk, I've been inside so much that "outside looks like outside" is astonishing now

I saw people summarize the Kyoshi novels as "be gay do crime" but I wasn't expecting that to be so dang accurate.

The first book is like 45% be gay, 45% do crime, and 10% glove shopping

Holy shit the end of the first Kyoshi novel is buckwild

Brexit implies the existence of "Brenter" and I'm just not ready to accept that there's anything beyond Brent.

Bug fix: 3 lines

Tests: 400 lines and counting. Ugh.

New JavaScript library alert!

Check out CapitolPolice.js, my brand new library to automatically remove all left-aligned text from a page while allowing right-aligned text to continue unimpeded.

Live demo here

This is my local indie bookstore and I love them very much.

How is Nintendo so consistently awful regarding their own games communities

Started just blocking every brand that advertises on my timeline on Twitter. Interesting results after a few months of doing so.

Getting less ads overall, maybe because their system can't choose one within a timeout for response times? Also the ads I'm getting are increasingly niche and lower production quality.

Here's a favorite recently

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