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The A/C was full blast (yay) at Stanford Blood Center today where 2 units of platelets came out of my arm that'll probably make 6 products for sick people who need them. My 176th donation I think! Woot. Donate something/somewhere!

From my Jan 24 2021 post about hey.com, I'm giving up for the moment.

It's broken for reflection lists, as every poster not already in your contacts would get screened.

Also has a fair amount of vertical scrolling that gets in my way during marathon sessions.

I'm back to fastmail currently, and it's doing great! I've implemented screening via contacts and rules for reflector lists. Perfect! And cheaper than hey.com. Also, fastmail works in any imap client, and has a calendar.

Donation Saturday! 2 units of platelets and a unit of plasma went into the bags after a centrifuge pulled them out of my blood today at Stanford Blood Center. I think this was donation 172 and #3 for 2021. The system isn't up to date currently.

Woke up to news this morning that Fry's Electronics is no more and closing.

What an end to an era. There stores in the Bay Area will be missed.

2 units of platelets and a unit of plasma got pulled out of my arm via a centrifuge today at Stanford Blood Center. They've done the plasma before, but not consistently. Who could say no to such a request? My body will make more.

I always sleep very heavy the night after. Ahhh!

Hobees BOGO coupons! Bonus of supporting local restaurants. Win win!

I've been working on migrating my gmail email to hey.com for the last week. I REALLY like hey's features. REALLY. Although, for reflector email lists, it breaks down, so that email will stay in gmail.

About to start into security at my employer, finally. My boss has to free me up quite a bit though. On tap, a certification project, and helping the team analyze events. I'm going to be pretty busy.

Been years since I've been in security, then for mobile devices.

I've been reworking my gmail inbound mail into buckets, mostly a Read pile of newsletters and a Low pile of adverts and doing this via filters. PITA.

I'm currently migrating to hey.com. I've been watching them since launch. Their take on email is very interesting and private/workflow oriented, so I'm going for it.

Gmail hasn't evolved much since it's launch, still a list of messages. Inbox was cancelled, which hurt.

Any one else moving to hey.com, any particular tips to share?

It was nice to see a smooth transition of power today.

The USA still has plenty of healing to do. There are also worldwide serious concerns about social media with algorithmic amplification.

The world needs more critical thinking.

Just starting out with Mastodon. Little difficult to find good content especially with the federation effect.

Looks to be an interesting experiment!


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