I really love Debian GNU+Linux. One of my web servers was still running on Debian 9. I upgraded to Debian 10, and the upgrade went smoothly.

Updated /etc/apt/sources.list and

apt-get update and apt-get dist-upgrade

Rebooted, and everything was gravy. They really make sure that these upgrades Just Work.

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I only had an issue once which destroyed my lvm setup (8 to 9 I think). But I think that was to blame on the slightly modified image installed by Hetzner.

Other than that I do this on my production server all the time :D

@libreleah, I thought you were not really happy at Debian on the recent vote? IMHO though, that was the best possible outcome to Debian itself, which was already lacking human power and could not afford a chilling effect. In addition, no organization should have a say over the governance of the FSF other than the FSF itseft, so a public statement would have been pointless.

@mcsinyx Well, Devuan is superior, but I've decided to hold off on replacing the server. I'm just updating my existing servers.

I'll switch over to a new distro when I next upgrade the server hardware.

Debian's vote was neutral, so I currently have no strong feelings one way or the other about Debian. It's a decent distro, and works quite well. I will judge it purely on technical terms.

@libreleah Debian has too old packages for me (python 3.7 with buggy asyncio was very great surprise) :blobcatnotlikethis:

So I just install Arch on my server, lmao
Now I have same environments on PC and server and always fresh software :blobcatcool:

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